Boasting at an incredible 3 metres tall, the Fox & Rabbit Native Christmas Wreath at the Ritz-Carlton Perth is a sight to behold | Source: Fox & Rabbit Instagram

Christmas Decor: The Best Native Wreaths for 2021

While the Australian Christmas season tends to lean towards the more traditional Northern Hemisphere rituals and decor, the interest in Australian style decorations is beginning to grow. You may have already seen the pine tree swapped for a woolly bush and a branch of mistletoe swapped for the more fragrant eucalyptus in an attempt to bring a uniquely Australian charm to the season.

The wreath is another traditional decoration that’s been given an Australian twist this year. Using a selection of stunning Australian native plants, these florists are making their native wreaths the stars of the Christmas season. If you’re thinking of bringing a little Australian style into your holiday decor then these a native wreaths that you need to buy.

Fox and Rabbit

You may have seen Western Australian florist, Fox and Rabbit’s, latest native wreath take centre stage at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Perth. At three metres tall, the native wreath is made with fresh native flora that’s designed to slowly dry throughout the month. While you might not be after a wreath of quite the Ritz-Carlton’s size, the florist is a selection of a number of other handmade native wreaths this year. While sold fresh, all of the wreaths will dry and last for years to come. If you’re interested in making your own native wreath then the florist is running a number of workshops on the craft throughout the month.

Flower Lane and Co

Located in Sydney, Flower Lane and Co is another florist that’s creating some stunning native wreaths. The handmade Christmas wreath is made from on-trend preserved and dried everlasting flowers and native bush flora, measuring up to 45cm in diameter. Along with the native wreaths, the florist is also creating native Christmas centrepieces for your Christmas table and running workshops on making your own native wreath arrangements.

Image: Flower and Lane Co native wreaths for A$229.00 Source: Flower Lane and Co

Fig and Bloom

Fig and Bloom is a boutique florist with stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. This year, the florist is creating some beautiful native wreaths from a mix of native foliage, dried straw and florals. The more neutral coloured wreaths are ideal for anyone leaning towards a silver and gold Christmas colour scheme. You can hand this wreath inside or outside with the expertly dried foliage designed to last through the season and beyond.

Christmas Wreath
Image: Fig and Bloom’s Australian wreath A$85.00 Source: Fig and Bloom

Eden and Bell

This Sydney florist is selling just a small number of handmade native Christmas wreaths so you will need to get in quick for a chance to display this exclusive Christmas decoration. Made from locally grown and dried flora, the magical wreath is sold with a large white box to use for storage until next year. With notes of pale pink and green, the pretty wreaths all vary slightly in size and design but are guaranteed to impress your Christmas guests.

Image: Eden and Bell’s stunning Christmas wreath Source: Eden and Bell
Image: Eden and Bell’s stunning Christmas wreath Source: Eden and Bell

The Doors of Berry

The Doors of Berry are a New South Wales florist that sells seasonal native wreaths all year round. At Christmas, you will find a collection of native wreaths to choose from, including wreaths made with preserved boxwood and eucalyptus foliage. We particularly love the Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath for A$169.95 but if you can’t get your hands on a Christmas wreath then you can always come back for an Easter, Winter or Mother’s Day wreath later in the year.

Image: The Doors of Berry Christmas wreath Source: The Doors of Berry

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