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The Best Paying Jobs in Australia

Medicine, finance and engineering are some of the highest paid fields in Australia. These are the roles making the top dollar.


Earning A$377,044 per year, surgeons are Australia’s highest paying role. Surgeons perform minor, major and life-saving medical surgeries on patients. While being extremely well paid, this position also comes with a huge responsibility.


Just behind surgeons, anaesthetists work in the second best paying position in Australia. Making A$341,041 per year, anaesthetists play an instrumental part in surgeries by administering anesthesia to patients.

Internal Medicine Specialists

The third highest paying job in Australia also belongs to the medical field. Internal medicine specialists deal with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases. People working in this position earn around A$281,547 per year.

Financial Dealers

People in this lucrative position earn around A$235,444 per year. Financial dealers, also known as brokers are responsible for analysing market conditions, facilitating trade and steering the market conditions according to regulations.

Source: ATO


Responsible for dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders, psychiatrists work in the medical field. Australian psychiatrists are currently earning around A$204,236 per year.

Other Medical Practitioners

Other medical practitioners deal with a wide range of common physical and mental health issues. These medical practitioners may work at a private practice, hospital, aged care centre or school. Australians in this profession earn around $192,469 per year.

Judicial and Other Legal Professionals

Professionals in the legal field are largely responsible for hearing legal matters in courts and tribunals, interpreting analysing and providing legal advice, and drafting legislationlegislation. Australian lawyers and other legal professionals earn around A$191,201 per year.

Mining Engineers

Mining engineers are responsible for planning and directing engineering practices related to the locating and extracting of minerals, petroleum and natural gas from the earth. Australians working in this profession are earning around A$174,115 and above per year.

Chief Executives and Managing Directors

A CEO or managing director is responsible for the actions of a company or business. A CEO or managing director is required in most fields, with pay varying across the different industries. The average pay of an Australian CEO or managing director is around A$157,105. 

Engineering Managers

Engineering managers work across a wide variety of different industries and are responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing any technical and engineering projects in an organisation. Engineering managers in Australia earn around A$148,216.

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