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Royal Slumber: The Best Premium Pillows

It’s hard to top the luxurious feeling of laying your head down after a long day. As busy days and frantic schedules consume much of our waking hours, many of us cherish the rest time we get from the best night’s sleep possible. And, when striving for the finest overall sleep experience, a pillow is an integral piece of the puzzle.

While slipping under luxury bed sheets will keep your body cosy, a premium pillow provides consistent comfort and ergonomic support for your neck and head. So, if you’re after the best repose possible, take a look at these premium pillows that will help you get there.

Ecosa Pillow

Designed for every type of sleeping position, Ecosa’s memory foam pillow is created to economically fit the sleeper’s shoulder and neck alignment.

Ecosa Pillow
Ecosa Pillow, A$120 | Source: Ecosa

Downtime Opulence Pillow

Crafted with luxurious goose-down surrounds and a goose feather core, the Downtime Opulence pillow delivers superior comfort with medium support and thickness.

Downtime Opulence Pillow, A$239.99 | Source: Adairs

Emma Foam Pillow

This innovative design comprises three removable layers – a supportive top layer, a breathable middle layer and a bottom layer for comfort and pressure relief. By removing any of the layers you can conveniently adjust the firmness of the pillow.

Emma Foam Pillow
Emma Foam Pillow, A$200 | Source: Bedbuyer

Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow

This brilliant customisable pillow combines the lightness of a microfibre pocket with the support of a memory foam core. Offering adjustable height and comfort options, the middle memory foam layer can be removed to suit your needs.

Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow, A$350 | Source: Emma Sleep

Koala Breeze Pillow

The Australian brand’s bamboo charcoal-infused foam material provides optimal sleep temperature and great head and neck support. It comes with both a firm and softer side making it suitable for most sleepers.

Koala Breeze Pillow, A$189 | Source: Koala

Sleeping Duck Pillow

Engineered using the brand’s AntiGravity foam, this Sleeping Duck pillow is designed to give your head a feeling of weightlessness throughout the night.

Sleeping Duck Pillow, A$120 | Source: Sleeping Duck

Peacelily Kapok Pillow (Plush)

Melbourne-based brand Peacelily handcrafts this 100 per cent organic cotton pillow that is hypoallergenic, moisture repellent, and anti-dust mites and germs.

Peacelily Kapok Pillow (Plush)
Peacelily Kapok Pillow (Plush), A$149 | Source: Peacelily

Sheridan Pure Indulgence Pillow

Providing the best in luxury comfort, this Sheridan pillow is crafted in Denmark from 85 per cent premium Hungarian white goose down, 15 per cent white goose feather fill and 100 per cent cotton cover.

Sheridan Pure Indulgence Pillow, A$369.99 | Source: Sheridan

Heritage Ultimate Feather Down

Heritage’s luxurious pillow consists of an 85 per cent goose down top and bottom layer surrounding a 15 per cent goose feather core. It provides superior softness and optimal neck support and is treated with Ultra-Fresh for effective antibacterial protection.

Heritage Ultimate Feather Down
Heritage Ultimate Feather Down, A$179.95 | Source: Myer

SleepMaker Fusion Gel Memory Foam

This high-profile pillow is perfect for sleepers who need the most comfort and support. It’s made in Australia using Tencel fibres and FusionGel ventilated technology to distribute heat and maintain a comfortable and consistent sleep environment.

SleepMaker Fusion Gel Memory Foam
SleepMaker Fusion Gel Memory Foam, A$299.95 | Source: Myer

Once you have your perfect pillow, all you need is a luxurious mattress to achieve a superior slumber. Hre are The Best Mattresses Money Can Buy.

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