The BMW 2-Series Grand Coupe 2020 Models Differ in Design – But Not in Performance

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BMW is one of the better contenders ranking high when it comes to building sports machines.

But what surprised us, as well as many other people, is the awkwardly upward stance of the brand new BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe.

Unlike its predecessors, this model doesn’t make an impression of a genuine sports model. Let’s see if that’s true under the bonnet.

The new BMW 2-series is available in 2 models. The BMW 228i, M Sport and the faster BMW 235i, M Performance.

Photo: BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe – 235i BMW M & BMW 228i Models

Starting with the base model. It comes with a 2.0-litre turbo engine with an output power of 228 horsepowers. Whereas the 235i version additionally boasts a 2.0-litre turbo engine; however, the output power sums up to 301 horsepowers.

Though it may not look like your ‘typical’ previous, sports models, it hits the 60 mph mark for about 4.6 seconds. The BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe will undoubtedly get the adrenalin going, once you step on the pedal.

Photo: BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe

The exterior, in the new BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe, flaunts an attractive outlook. The difference between the two models is that the BMW M 235i edition is granted spectacular enhancements. Like a front limited-slip differential, M Sport brakes, suspension, as well as 18-inch wheels and tires.

Photo: BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe

But don’t get me wrong, the BMW 228i model isn’t that much behind. It definitely contains impressive features. It includes navigation, Apple CarPlay, power front seats, and several driver-assist functions. Panoramic sunroof (this one is unbelievable) is likewise available.

Various wheel options are also part of the equation if you would like to make your driving experience as smooth or as racing as possible. And let’s not forget the Harman Kardon audio system. With this sound system, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into your favourite songs completely. But be careful to get distracted.

Photo: BMW 2020 2-Series Gran Coupe

Whether you buy the base model or the faster edition, you’ll be undoubtedly impressed with the performance of these models. Road costs for the BMW 228i, M Sport series will start from $56,250 plus options. The BMW 235i, M performance will cost you from $75,250 plus options or any extra additional add-ons.

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