Genesis GV80 Beats the BMW X5 And Audi Q7 With its Technology

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If you still don’t know about it… the new Genesis GV80 has completely blown it off with both its design and technology. The car is named as the world’s latest luxury car. The GV80 is merely fantastic, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that the vehicle shines even in pitch darkness.

Photo: Genesis GV80, 2021

The uniqueness of the GV80 stems from its interior. The driver’s board features a high-quality infotainment system that brings kinds of features to the table. What’s more, the integrated Controller allows either the driver or the front-seat passenger to use the handwriting feature. You can type, let’s say, a number or a destination and automatically get what you need displaying on the touch screen. Augmented reality navigation system is also available.

What makes the GV80 to stand out is the noise-cancellation system. What it does is it absorbs the noise that comes from the road and then exudes an opposite noise to maintain the quietness in the car.

Photo: Genesis GV80, 2021

The safety systems are on a whole new level. That’s because the technology integrated into the safety systems actually observes the driver’s behaviour. And if any unattentive signs occur, the car will pop signals up keeping you alert of the situation.

The luxurious SUV is designed with two-row accommodation. A three-row accommodation is likewise available via remote control. Though it’s tinier and the space is limited. To be honest, the leather is super comfortable, providing you with a relaxing drive.

Photo: Genesis GV80, 2021

Regarding the SUV’s engine power, the car is designed with a 3.0-litre turbodiesel engine boasting 278 horsepowers along with 588 Nm. At this moment, other engines are unavailable. There is a rumour that the gasoline engines will also be featured starting with a basic model of a 2.5-litre engine coming with 304 horsepowers and ending with a high-level version of a 3.5-litre engine that boasts 380 horsepowers.

Photo: Genesis GV80, 2021

Right now, the GV80 is available only in South Korea. But don’t worry, it will reach the Australian market later this year and will be selling from $80,000.

The GV80 is an amazing car, and it’s undoubtedly worth it. It will be especially a good pick for you if you are keen on luxury and cutting edge technology. You’ll be highly impressed.

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