The Camélia: How Coco Chanel’s Favourite Flower Inspired an Entire Collection

The Camellia flower, or Chinese rose, has long been associated with the House of Chanel. The Camellia, which symbolises everlasting love and devotion, was chosen as one of Chanel’s motifs by non-other than Gabrielle Chanel herself.

For Coco, the flower was a reminder of a passionate and tragic love affair that she experienced and did not want to forget. Thus, the flower was chosen to feature in numerous jewellery, fragrance and fashion collections. But it’s Chanel’s fine-jewellery collections that most beautifully celebrates the bloom.

The two lovers: Coco Chanel and Boy Capel

Extrait de Camélia

For Chanel, the flower represents the edgy, feminine and youthful attitude of the modern Chanel girl. Best modelled in the beautiful Extrait de Camélia collection, the jewellery exudes these alluring traits. Engraved on a series of rings, necklaces and earrings, the camellia flower is transformed into a number of delicate pieces of jewellery. We love the simple Extrait de Camélia necklace and the cool collection of Extrait de Camélia rings for a little extra edge.

Bouton de Camélia

Recently re-invented, the new Bouton de Camélia pieces are reminiscent of the High Jewellery Bouton de Camélia collection. The rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets all come in stunning white gold finishing with glittering encrusted diamonds. The iconic bloom is enlarged on silver chains and bands to create a series of gorgeous statement pieces.

Pétales de Camélia

In the Pétales de Camélia collection, the brand’s classic camellia motif is redesigned with a gold skeletonised twist. In these pieces, the design highlights the flower’s feminine silhouette while exuding a strong and fearless edge. Go with the Pétales de Camélia necklace for an elegant look or take on the large Pétales de Camélia ring or cool ear cuffs to really turn heads.

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