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The Complete Buyers Guide to Buying A Helicopter

Most people have heard of private and charter jets, but luxury helicopters are the real gems. Not only are these aircraft less expensive, but helicopters can reach places that bulky jets can’t. Having a private or corporate helicopter is convenient, more environmentally friendly, and an ultimate symbol of status. 

Whether it’s avoiding the traffic, touring the city from the sky or dodging the runways – a helicopter provides travel freedom like no other. With helicopter technology improving, it’s now easier than ever to step into the cockpit and set a course for any destination your heart desires. If you’re in the market for a flying machine, here’s what to consider when buying a helicopter.

Pilot or passenger

The first question to answer is, will you be the pilot or the passenger? A common factor for helicopter owners is a love of being hands-on with their machines. The majority of private pilots tend to favour smaller less bulky helicopters that they fly themselves. Larger helicopters are more often reserved for owners who will also employ a professional pilot to fly them around.

The Robinson R22

The two-seater small aircraft is perfect for private pilots doing mostly short journeys. The light helicopter has a range of 458km and is packed with modern technology for a comfortable and luxurious flight. Inside is a pleasant affair with leather seats, a cabin heater and defogger plenty, under-seat storage and plenty of room for two people.

Source: Aero Corner

The Destination

The distance a private helicopter will be travelling is an essential factor to consider when buying a helicopter. The size of a helicopter will determine to fuel capacity, and the distance it can travel. Larger choppers can tackle longer journeys as they can hold more fuel.

The Airbus H125

The H125 is a world record holder for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff, performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 metres. It’s a good midrange helicopter with a max 630 km range and a flight time of about 4h30mins on one tank of fuel.

The Airbus H160

One of the best private helicopters, the Airbus H160 is larger than the H125, comfortably able to carry up to 10 passengers. The innovative medium-sized helicopter is designed for performance, economic competitiveness, safety, and comfort. The reduced fuel consumption and perceived sound make this helicopter cleaner, and quieter for owners keen to reduce environmental impact.

The Design

The capacity and design come down to factors including, how many passengers you will be taking and what it will be used for. If the helicopter will typically be carrying over 6 people then a separate cabin will enhance the capacity and be more comfortable. Two seats facing each other design is great when you’re not flying the machine yourself.

Inside, the options should reflect the helicopter’s purpose. Carpets, leather seats and expensive upholstery provides a more comfortable ride but is harder to maintain.

The Sikorsky S-92

These customisable luxury helicopters come in a variety of versions and layouts designed to suit customers specific needs. The interior options available offer the pinnacle of luxury and style – such as the cabin can be arranged with fewer seats to allow for facilities like a bar. Previous custom interior designs have included; granite flooring, custom woodwork and crocodile leather, with details such as satin gold finish belt buckles.

Helicopters for Sale

Agusta A109S Grand

Price: $3,127,000

Eurocopter AS350B

Price: Available on Request

Robinson R44 Clipper II

Price: $251,000

Of course, if you’ve got a helicopter you need somewhere to land it. Here’s a look at some incredible homes with helipads. Or if you just want to experience a helicopter ride, here are the top luxury helicopter rides in Australia.

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