The Dilbar | Source: Lurssen

The Dilbar: The Famous 511 ft Superyacht Worth Almost $1 Billion

It’s the world’s 6th longest superyacht, worth nearly an eye-watering one billion dollars. The 15,917-ton mega yacht is owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov – one of Russia’s richest men.

Setting sail in 2016, the Dilbar, translates to ‘Beautiful girl’ in the Uzbek language and was secretly built under the nickname ‘Project Omar.’ Erected by German builder, Lurssen, the Dilbar measures a whopping 511ft, making her the 6th longest yacht in the world.

You would think it would be hard to get that kind of weight moving – well not when there’s a 30,000kw diesel-electric power plant pushing you along. Claimed to be the most powerful ever fitted to a superyacht, the engine allows the Dilbar to comfortably cruise at 16 knots and reach a top speed of 22.5 knots.

These famous superyachts, command some serious wealth. And splurging a cool A$356 million to build the Dilbar is a regular day at the office for Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov with this mean asset now estimated to be worth between A$800 Million – A$1 Billion.

The stunning exterior is the handwork of no other than world-renown Norwegian yacht designer, Espen Oeino. The light ivory design features bronze accents and a teak deck created to compliment owner, Alisher Usmanov’s other yacht. Most notable are the two helipads located on the bow and aft of the upper deck.

These helipads safely hold Dilbar’s custom build Airbus H175 helicopter. The interior by Pegasus Design features a unique cabin layout with lounge style and rear sofa seating to comfortably fly up to seven passengers.

Her interior is crafted by Winch Design, the largest project ever for the design studio. With a combined 3,800sqms of living area, they had a lot of space to work with. The Dilbar accommodates up to 36 guests across 20 cabins, and requires a crew of almost 100 people to keep her running. This makes the Dilbar’s chefs busy people, cooking a massive 73,000kg worth of crew meals a year.

Onboard the Dilbar has more amenities than most hotels. Fitted with a private cinema, dining room, spacious gym and spa as well as and a hair salon. The 25-metre pool, one of the largest ever installed on a yacht, is the stand out piece, holding an incredible 180 cubic meters of water. Even the onboard cabling is impressive stretching over 1,100 km, the most of any world-famous yacht.

If you’re interested in famous superyachts you might enjoy the on-screen story of Sunseeker superyachts or learning more about the master of superyacht design: Espen Oeino. If you’re looking to take a cruise yourself, have a look at the best luxury yacht charters in Australia.

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