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The Edible Flower Recipes You Need To Make This Spring

The spring blooms are here and there’s no better way to utilise them than in your cooking. While you might not think it, flowers are actually a common ingredient in all kinds of dishes.

Broccoli, artichoke and cauliflower are just three of the flowers you regularly eat. But their prettier counterparts are also edible, with both wild and garden blooms being used in everything from salads to desserts. Give one of these recipes a try this Spring and we guarantee that edible flowers will become a staple in your cooking.

How to cook with edible flowers

You can buy packets of edible flowers from most farmers markets and grocery stores but you can also look in your garden and local area for wild growing blooms. While most flowers are edible, it’s important to remember that some may be sprayed with pesticides. It’s best to only use flowers that you know are organic.

If you’re wondering which flowers to choose, you can start safely with the flowers of common culinary herbs such as chives, basil, lavender and thyme. If you want something a little brighter then other common edible flowers used in cooking include pansies, violets, nasturtium, borage, roses, dandelions and daisies.

If you’re using wild-flowers then you simply need to soak them in some water to remove dirt and dry the flowers in a paper towel before cooking with them. If you have bought your edible flowers in a packet then you can simply add them to your dishes when you need to. If you have any flowers leftover then make sure that you store them in an airtight container to keep them as fresh as possible.


Edible Flower Ice cubes

Making edible flower ice cubes is the easiest way to start experimenting with edible blooms. Simply freeze fresh blooms into an ice cube tray and pop them into your water, cocktails and iced teas when you’re ready to impress your guests. We recommend mixing up the flowers species for the most vibrant result.

Source: Live Eat Learn

Blueberry Violet Lemonade

Botanical drinks are a fun way to celebrate spring, and this recipe from Well and Full does just that. Simply combine water, lemon juice, maple syrup, honey, blueberries, a spearmint leaf and a handful of violet flowers for a delicious drink that both the kids and the adults will enjoy.

Source: Well and Full


Smoked Salmon Salad

A smoked salmon salad is one of the best dishes to make in the warmer months. So why not elevate the classic dish with a collection of stunning blooms? This recipe from Daily Gourmet mixes cherry tomatoes, salad leaves, dried black olives and edible flowers with a creamy yogurt dressing with horseradish and fresh dill.

Source: Daily Gourmet

Warm Potato Salad with Herbs

This gorgeous salad from WholeHearted Eats makes use of both Spring herbs and blooms. Made with new potatoes, a handful of green beans and a delicious mix of dill, parsley, capers, chives, and shallots, the potato salad is uniquely garnished with pastel coloured chive blossoms.

Source: WholeHearted Eats


Stinging Nettle Pasta

This pasta dish makes use of a number of wild, foraged food. With a stinging nettle base, wild garlic flavour and a garnish of violet blossoms and garlic mustard flowers, this pasta truly celebrates the power and flavours of plants. Thrown together in the one pan, this meal is the perfect weeknight dish.

Source: Very Vegan Val

Yellow Gazpacho Soup

This bright yellow soup from Soup Addict is made for the summer months. Made with a blend of raw vegetables and served chilled, this light and flavourful soup can be served as a starter or main. Completing the dish with a colourful garnish of marigold flowers and their petals, your guests are guaranteed to be impressed.

Source: Soup Addict

Fried Zucchini Flowers

Fried zucchini flowers are a popular Italian dish and super easy to make at home. As this recipe from Epicurious explains, all you have to do is cook the flowers in oil over medium heat before adding batter and frying the flowers until they are golden brown. Add some sea salt and eat while they are still hot.

Source: Nonna Box


Shortbread Cookies with Edible Flowers

Using edible flowers for baking cookies and cakes is a common way to utilise the florals. This shortbread cookies recipe from Rachel Steenland shows just how beautiful a couple of flowers can make your ordinary home-baked biscuits look. This recipe uses pansies or cornflowers but the choice of florals is entirely up to you.

Source: Rachel Steenland

Rose and Chocolate Raw Slice

This gorgeous raw chocolate slice from Maša Ofei at The Minimalist Vegan is the dessert you won’t feel guilty about. Both raw and vegan, this healthy treat is made with cashews, medjool dates, desiccated coconut, cacao powder and topped with a pretty scattering of dried pink rose petals.

Source: Maša Ofei/The Minimalist Vegan

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