Designer and founder Eileen Fisher discussing her slow-fashion brand | Source: Fashionista

The Environmental Investment of Slow Fashion

The awareness of fast fashion and its detrimental effects is growing among consumers every day.

As the world faces an accelerating climate crisis and an oversupply of clothing garments; slow fashion has become a practical and necessary response.

But the world of fashion is vast, diverse and constantly changing. So how do we encapsulate the slow fashion trend and where can we find it?

Slow fashion can be traced back to the pre-industrial revolution and the advanced production technologies we have now. Garments were sourced and produced locally and were often a reflection of the local culture. This forms one aspect of modern-day slow fashion, which takes into account every stage of production in an attempt at sustainable responsibility.

Slow fashion takes the fast fashion industry head on. It is characterised by its high quality, long-life materials and releases are often sold in smaller collections from local stores. Garments are usually made-to-order to reduce an oversupply of production.

Slow fashion as a combat to fast fashion is steadily growing. And consumers are starting to put their money where their mouth is. According to data from Forbes, nearly 50 per cent of fast fashion retailers reported a decrease in consumer purchases in 2020, around the same time when interest in slow fashion began to peak.

Whether you’re looking to help save the environment or simply want to invest in long-lasting, high-quality clothing, below is a list of seven, certified slow-fashion brands to invest in.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher’s vision is one of ethical, timeless and well-made clothing. Not only meeting the requirements for B-Corp Certification, but Eileen Fisher also runs the Waste No More program; designed to halt the cycle of consumerism and fast fashion. The label will take back their clothes and transform any damaged designs into new pieces.

Eileen Fisher’s pieces are sleek, contemporary and come in a range of solid colours, making them the perfect everyday and office wear staples.


German brand Lanius describes itself as releasing “Fair Fashion” and “Just Fashion”, and is built on the pillars of the slow fashion movement. Certified against the Social Accountability International Standard and a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Lanius is committed to producing ethical, high-quality clothing.

Lanius’ eclectic and diverse colours will have you turning heads as you saunter down the street.

Stripe And Stare

Stripe And Stare is self-proclaimed as having the world’s comfiest and most sustainable sets of knickers, loungewear and sleepwear. Founder duo Nicole and Katie spent six years in pre-production, researching fabrics, meeting producers and building their brand. Enter Stripe And Stare, made from bio-degradable material three times softer than cotton and ethically produced.

Pure Pod

Australian-based brand Pure Pod works with a small group of highly-skilled local manufacturers to produce their clothes. Manufacturers include printers, manicurists, pattern makers and cutters all involved in each chain of production. Hand garments range from tunics, pants, dresses and wrap skirts.


Bamford prides itself on traceable, breathable and flexible collections. Each stage of their production process has been traced and verified to achieve the global organic textile standard and ensure a verified commitment to sustainability. Bamford’s materials are also developed to ensure breathability, comfort and flexibility.

Feel light and agile in Bamford’s collections, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday routine. Collections are not only limited to clothing but also include bath, body and skincare products.

If Only If Nightwear

Nightwear has never looked chicer or been more sustainable. If Only If Nightwear is a small, family business specialising in timeless nightwear. Coming in the form of breathable materials such as Indian cotton and silk, all materials are natural and bio-degradable. What’s more, If Only If’s production factory is SEDEX certified, promising protection of workers including being paid above the minimum wage, insurance, an 8-hour working day and pensions.

Dora Larsen Lingerie

There’s nothing sexier than slipping on a matching set of lingerie in your favourite colour. Or maybe there is, when your lingerie is also environmentally sustainable. Dora Larsen lingerie is a family run business dedicated to that prides itself on using ethically sourced, raw materials that are either recycled or contain natural fibres.

There will be no guilty pleasure when wearing this lingerie, which will not only have you looking good but feeling good too.

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