The Exclusive Race Car Country Club Opening in the Wheatbelt

The rugged outback landscape surrounding the Wheatbelt town of Bindoon may not currently look like anything special. But 1000 hectares of this sparse landscape is being transformed into Asia-Pacific’s first automotive country club.

Inspired by race car clubs in similarly isolated locations around the world, Club Moolia purposely chose it’s Wheatbelt location with size and privacy in mind. Located 80 kilometres north-east of Perth city centre, the Wheatbelt site provides the space for the 4.1 km racetrack, multiple sporting facilities, luxury suites and Crystal Lagoon pools that Club Moolia will offer. Having visited many race car clubs in other areas of the world, Club Moolia Co-Founder Ronald Shaw, was particularly drawn to the development of the Northlink Highway, which will provide members with a faster and more direct travel route to the club.

“After driving three hours or more to other clubs around the world, we thought that a one hour was more suitable,” Shaw explains.

The club’s design was particularly influenced by California’s premier race car country club, The Thermal Club. Like Club Moolia, The Thermal Club is situated in a similarly quiet desert farming town, deep in the Coachella valley. With many high-profile and celebrity members, semi-regional locations can provide these clubs with the privacy they require. Not to mention, the wheatbelt’s stunningly rugged landscape will provide a particularly dramatic backdrop against the starring racetrack and club facilities.

Supercars, sports facilities and swimming pools

As an automobile club, Club Moolia’s focal point is a A$100 million state-of-the-art racetrack. The 4.5 km bi-directional circuit is set to be complete with high-grip asphalt, 17 corners and measure up to 12 metres in width. While race cars will be available to hire, many members will bring their own and store them in an allocated secure private garage facility.

Overlooking the racetrack, will be private luxury lounges and suites equipped with en-suite bathrooms, living areas, kitchen facilities, high-speed internet, televisions, and minibars. These suites are designed for members and their guests to relax and recuperate during their time at the club.

Members will also have access to Australia’s first Crystal Lagoons®️ pool. While most people are understandably excited about the racetrack, this is the facility that Mr Shaw, is most excited about. Replicating the island landscapes of the Caribbean, Crystal Lagoons are man-made crystalline bodies of water that can transform a land-locked property into a waterfront area.

Shaw explains, “It’s basically like taking a piece of the Maldives and putting it in Australia.”

The Crystal Lagoon at Club Moolia will be a breathtaking one hectare in size, complete with beaches and spaces to relax near the water. The lagoon will offer members the opportunity to cool off and enjoy a number of water-sports, such as kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boating. Compared to regular swimming pools, the Crystal Lagoon system uses extremely innovative technology that is still new to Australia. With sustainability at the forefront, the lagoon uses fewer chemicals and requires just 2 per cent of the energy required by traditional filtration systems.

And if members still aren’t satisfied, they will also have access to a golf driving range, two indoor basketball courts and five tennis courts equipped with full video analysis capabilities for never-ending sports training. There will also be specifically tailored nutrition, strength and technical programs available with certain membership packages.

Exclusive memberships

There are three types of Club Moolia memberships, these being celebrity, prodigy or conglomerate. Celebrity membership start at A$30,000 and go as high as A$150,000 to join the club for a conglomerate package. However, memberships are limited to just 600 individuals, and according to Shaw and Club Moolia’s website, celebrity and prodigy membership spots are already full.

But, being able to afford a Club Moolia membership does not guarantee you one. Shaw, says the Club Moolia looks for a certain type of member when considering applications.

“We are building a community of people who are going to be interacting regularly. We look for people with good standing in the community and people who contribute to the community,” Shaw explains.

To do so, the club speaks to every applicant, individually, to make sure they are the “right fit” for the Club Moolia community.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has predictably added some challenges to the creation of Club Moolia, Shaw says the club is still on track to open around the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

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