The Exquisite High Jewellery Collection Standing the Test of Time

For more than a century Bvlgari has been creating some of the world’s most exquisite wearable pieces of art, using some of the rarest coloured stones and gems. Together with interlocking steel and large gold links are the emblematic elements that make this long-standing Italian jewellery house known for its unmatched luxury, opulence and distinctiveness. It is their high jewellery creations that the most lavished pieces are featured, an opportunity to explore their boundless creative ability. For more than a century Bvlgari has been creating some of the world’s most exquisite wearable pieces of art, using some of the rarest coloured stones and gems.

Blue Rays Nacklace

Part of Bvlgari’s Magnificent Creations is this one-of-a-kind Blue Rays Necklace. Inspired but the extraordinary beauty of the cushion-cut sapphire at its heart.

Photo: Bvlgari

This unbelievable 36.45 carat stone is the centrepiece and set as if like a glowing sun, with rays of sapphires and diamonds revolving around this statement gem. The same melody of dazzling colours is repeated in the chain, making a total of 249 buffed top sapphires to compete for this geometrical motif and chain combination. Over 880 hours have been spent to achieve perfection in the setting of these exquisite stones. A truly timeless piece.

Photo: Bvlgari

Spacecruisers Necklace

Another piece from Bvlgari’s Magnificent Creation is the bold and unbridled extravagance of the Spacecruisers Necklace. This necklace encapsulates some of Bvlgari’s iconic design inspiration with its infatuation of Rome’s unrestrained energy and vibrancy. A muse of Art Deco meets 80s Sci-Fi.

Photo: Bvlgari

Jubilant colours of the rubellite (25.33 carats), amethyst (24.26 carats), topaz (43.81 carats), tanzanite (26.20 carats) and citrine quartz (34.70 carats) remind you that this piece is unmistakably Bvlgari. Adding the stylistic trademark of Bvlgari, the Tubogas technique to create this coiled choker chain. As always Bvlgari makes this somewhat clashing of colours and styles unify, using craftsmanship techniques and design that haven’t been used in this way, an unconventional harmony.

The Pirate Treasures Necklace

Photo: Bvlgari

From the dreamland of Bvlgari’s Cinemagia High Jewellery Collection is the Pirate Treasures Necklace. A spellbinding 38.89-carat sapphire glows profoundly as the deep blue sea, framed by 188 buffed-top emeralds totalling 5.51 carats. You can’t help but be transported back to the days of tall ships, pirates and the mysterious mermaids when staring at this real-life seafarers’ treasure. With over 500 hours of craftsmanship for this piece, there is no denying that just like hidden pirates treasure this piece will conquer the time of time too.

Emerald Affair Necklace

Yet another superb piece from the Cinemagia High Jewellery Collection is the Emerald Affair Necklace. This time featuring the show-stopping octagonal step-cut emerald, all 24.46 carats sitting centre stage here on this adornment.

Photo: Bvlgari

This piece shows Bvlgari’s demanding Roman flair with geometrical design together with the wonder and amazement of a stone that can’t be found twice. Taking inspiration from the la Dolce Vita, one of Bvlgari’s legendary pieces, the Emerald Affair Necklace influences modern styles but retains the essence of the original, elegant and everlasting style of this hallmark piece. Just like the captivating star of a Broadway production this piece will steal everyone’s attention with its dazzling beauty.

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