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The Fendi Bag: Three Signature Styles

From its humble beginnings on Rome’s Via del Plebiscito to becoming the it-bag producer of the 1990s, Fendi is one of the most beloved luxury fashion houses in the world. While Fendi now produces everything from activewear to high heels, the Italian brand is renowned for its ingenious collection of designer handbags. In Fendi’s current handbag collection, you will find the brand’s iconic bags, their countless reinventions and an array of new innovative styles. These are three of our favourites.

The Baguette

Designed in 1997 by creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Baguette was originally inspired by the way the French effortlessly carry bread under their arm. Credited with the brand’s overwhelming success in the 1990s and early 2000s, the bag was favoured by many celebrities and even featured on an episode of Sex and the City. Since its release, the Baguette was undergone countless reinventions and is now offered in a wide range of materials, sizes and styles, with Fendi famously released a scented version of the bag in 2019. While you can’t go wrong with any Baguette style, we love this Fendi bag’s dark leather styles, and the woven straw for a rustic summer look.

The Peekaboo

First introduced in 2008, the Peekaboo is one of those bags that seem to never go out of style. Known for its alternative design, the bag is separated down the middle into two halves with a ‘peekaboo’ flap. While this Fendi bag has undergone a number of reinventions since its release, the Peekaboo’s variants all retain element’s of the bag’s original sophisticated minimalism. While the Baguette favours the spotlight, the Peekaboo bag is a quieter, stable design that you can rely upon for everyday wear. We love the classic Peekaboo Essentially bag in brown leather, and won’t say no to the effortlessly stylish Peekaboo Iseeu and Iseeu East-West in beige and brown leather styles.

The Sunshine

The Fendi Sunshine bag is a gloriously oversized tote that’s ideal for sustainable shopping trips and overnight stays. With an extremely spacious and lined internal compartment, the tote bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap that allows the bag to be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand. The Sunshine comes in a variety of fun colours, materials and styles, but we’re particularly in love with the army green and brown leather with white embroidery designs for a cool street-style look, while the woven straw offers the perfect summer statement.

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