The Ferrari Monza SP1 Will Take Your Breath Away

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It’s known that only around 500 Ferrari Monza SP1 cars will be manufactured. This alone makes the car an extremely rare exhibition. And if you happen to see one on the streets… you have to try your chance at the casino or the lottery. Oh, you can also stumble on the Monza SP2. The only difference between the SP1 and SP2 models is that the latter features two seats, whereas the SP1 is a one-seated car.

This car is amazing. From the exterior and interior design to the powerful engine, every single detail of the open-top Ferrari Monza SP1 boasts excellent work and exudes an exclusive impression.

So, if you are keen on luxury, sports cars, adrenalin, great design… if you simply want your vehicle to be perfect and outstanding, behold the brand new Ferrari Monza SP1.

The uniqueness of this car stems from its raving 6.5-litre engine with an output power of 808 horsepowers. 2.9 seconds is what the Monza SP1 needs to reach the 60 mph mark and make a statement. The top speed is not particularly known but based on the car’s specifications; many car experts predict that the Monza SP1 will rush over 190 mph quite easily.

Photo: Ferrari Monza SP1

The exterior boasts a simple, oblique and eye-catching design that leaves you with a jaw-dropping experience. The headlights are quite small, though they do their job effectively.

Photo: Ferarri Monza SP1

The interior, on the other hand, delivers excellent comfort and convenience. Due to the car’s compact design, there isn’t much space for a lot of car amenities. Once you get into the car, you’ll be granted the expression of being a formula1 driver due to the open-top design. Moreover, the crisp and fascinating interior design will undoubtedly fit your style.

Photo: Ferrari Monza SP1

The car is priced at $1.4 million. It’s undoubtedly a great pick to add to your cars collection, though most of the car orders are already sold. Otherwise, if you have the chance to meet the Monza SP1 in person, try to capture a few photos because that’s a rare opportunity.

On the whole, the Ferrari Monza SP1 is simply a fantastic and super rare car. It will leave you impressed.

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