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The Finest Cigars: Cuban Cigars Set to Cost a Small Fortune

Cigars are seen as a sign of sophistication and confidence. There’s something about leisurely smoking a Cuban cigar that exudes quiet confidence. It’s probably why we attribute the tobacco product to many successful men. Who remembers the pictures of Winston Churchill puffing away? Or actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger plugging his favourite. The finest are hand-crafted by specialists and made from top quality leaves. With all this history and craftsmanship behind cigars, it’s no wonder the best of the best will set you back a small fortune. Here’s a look at some of the best Cuban cigars and their hefty prices tags.

Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar

Price: $1 Million

Why not start with the gusto. A staggering $1 Million for this cigar. It’s the epitome of luxury. Each hand-rolled cigar is filled with rare Himalayan tobacco that has been watered with Fiji water. The tobacco is infused with the Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII, which in itself sells for $165k a bottle. The outer wrapping in gold leaf and the band is embellished with up to 5-carat diamonds. Nothing is spared in the hand-made process. The specialty hand rollers are blindfolded as they work to heighten their senses and minimise distractions.

Cohiba Behike

Price: up to $18,000

The Behike edition cigar is a Cuban cigar created by Cohiba, one of the most esteemed cigar producers in the world. The exclusivity of this cigar is what pushes the price. Released as a 40th anniversary piece, only 4,000 of these Cuban cigars were made with select rare tobacco. Later reproduced versions of the cigar go for a much more moderate price but it’s the exclusive first range that is rarified. The famous expert roller Norma Fernandez Sastre prepared all 4,000 original cigars.

King of Denmark Limited Edition Cigars

Price: $150 per cigar

Royal Danish Cigars are the manufacturers behind these exclusive 9 inch cigars. Superbly hand-rolled, each cigar contains the highest grade of award-winning tobacco. On the outside, the cigars are wrapped in gold foil and studded with several Swarovski crystals. The long cigar even comes personalised; embossed with the buyer’s name. A limited production cycle of about 30 cigars every day helps drive the price upon the King of Denmark cigar.

Mayan Sicars

Price: $507,000

The Mayan Sicars are expensive for a slightly unexpected reason: they’re believed to be about 600 years old. Discovered by a team of archaeologists in Guatemala in 2012, the ancient Mayans were assumed to smoke tobacco and this discovery seems to prove it. The 800 pre-Columbian cigars are still fit to be smoked even today leading to a rush of tobacco enthusiasts trying to buy the exclusive range.

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