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The Five Korean Skincare Trends to Look for in 2022

For the last few years, the power of Korean beauty has taken the world by storm. Earning the well-deserved praise of even the most knowledgeable skincare fanatics, K-beauty products have been regarded as some of the best you can buy. While ingredients like snail mucus and bee venom may deter some, those seeking out products that will unveil flawless, glass-like skin know they can put their faith in K-beauty.

Snail slime aside, Korean skincare is driving a number of trends and gaining a cult-like following for good reason. Focused on ingredients and results, K-beauty has proven time and time again that it knows the very best way to address your skincare concerns and grant you the nourishment your skin needs. Here are just a few K-beauty trends set to dominate the skincare world in 2022.

Snail mucin

While snail slime doesn’t seem like the most pleasant thing to slather onto your face, K-beauty says it’s worth it.

Believed to promote collagen production and effectively hydrate the skin, snail slime is a trusted skincare ingredient in the K-beauty world. Packed with growth factors, zinc and manganese, snail mucin has also been linked to soothing and repairing irritated skin.

And if you’re worried about applying strange, sticky snail mucus to your face, rest assured that products like COSRX’s Advanced Snail Essence use snail secretion filtrate and don’t leave a sticky residue behind; just plump and hydrated skin.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, A$38 | Source: Amazon Australia

At-home beauty devices

K-beauty lovers already have all the serums, active ingredients, toners and masks in their skincare arsenal, leaving room for new skincare gadgets like toning devices and the mega-popular LED face mask.

Designed to stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation, LED face masks like this one from Dr Dennis Gross to make use of red and blue LED lights which penetrate deep within the skin’s dermis to promote a healthy complexion.

Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro, A$649 | Source: MECCA

Mirror skin

Forget glass skin. K-beauty has convinced us that we should be striving for skin so hydrated and so glowy, that our faces are almost reflective.

One of the key ways to achieve this ultra-glowy look is by ‘slugging’: a process by which glow-getting skincare lovers cover their faces in Vaseline or petrolatum. Helping to retain as much moisture as possible, this final step in your evening routine is said to help lock in your serums and essences for a healthy glow, although slugging isn’t recommended for those with acne.

Scalp care

When it comes to Korean haircare, hydration is the main goal, which is why ‘hair slugging’ is another K-beauty trend catching on.

With more than nine million views under the #hairslugging on TikTok, the increasingly popular technique involves applying a nourishing oil to the hair, and to the scalp for those wanting to target dryness, covering it with a wrap and keeping it on overnight. The result is supposedly nourished locks and a hydrated scalp.

In treating the scalp with as much care as the skin on your face, K-beauty has expanded its scalp care offerings and is set to steer beauty junkies towards giving their scalp some extra TLC this year.

The Ordinary is one brand offering skincare for the scalp with a lightweight hydrating serum from its trio of hair care products.

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As pioneers of sheet masks, acne pimple patches and under-eye masks, K-beauty knows how to make a mask. While the concept of multi-masking, which essentially involves applying different masks to target different skin concerns, isn’t new, it’s certainly not going anywhere in 2022.

With pesky ‘maskne’ still, high-up on our list of skincare concerns, pimple patches like COSRX’s and hydrating face masks like Dr Jart’s Cryo Rubber are becoming regular features in many a skincare fanatic’s routines.

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