The Five Most Iconic Verner Panton Pieces For Your Home

It’s not often that the design world encounters a visionary. Someone who amidst his Scandinavian background of minimalism, has a goal “to provoke people into using their imagination.”

Verner Panton did just that. His designs are still, deemed experimental when it came to colours, shape, and material, and they were coined futuristic. The designers legacy lives on and you can find Panton designed furniture or space in every corner of the world. 

Here are five iconic pieces of furniture designed by Verner Panton – perfect to add some style and character to your home.

The 430 Chair

You have seen this chair around. It could have been in a hotel conference room, a waiting area, or in the dining room of your high-end friend’s pad. It’s fully upholstered seat back cushions body part impact, and it’s also stackable. The metal frame can be ordered in black, white, burgundy, brushed stainless steel or brass finish. Simple, yet contemporary with an edge.

Photo: Series 430 Chair

The Moon

Having this lamp in your home is going to be the focal point of unending discussion about great accents, not to mention your knowledge of world-renowned designers that did not conform themselves to any standards. This spherical lamp is made of vertical lamellae that are arranged into a fan. This is for the individual regulation of the light, all of which are made of lacquered white metal. This feature is the perfect accessory, to elevate any space.

Photo: MOON 44.5 cm

The Panton Chair

If the earliest version of this chair has the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art as its home, does it still need any explanation for it being iconic? It is made of a single piece of cantilevered plastic and even has a junior version for children. Though this chair is already in the Panton archives, you’re sure to find some pieces in an auction in luxury furniture shops. 

A panoply of Pantons brightens the breakfast room of Ash and Niroupa Shah’s Los Angeles home, decorated by Laura Adams.
 Trevor Tondro

The Cloverleaf indoor-outdoor sofa

There are a couple of things that make this sofa stand out. Its flowing shape oddly provides comfort, the fact that it has a right and left unit, a middle unit, and an extension unit – which means you can adjust the length depending on your space – and that it is available in 11 eye-popping colours. Let your imagination run wild. 

Photo: Cloverleaf indoor-outdoor sofa

The Lounge Seating

It’s not just the fluidity of the shapes that makes you want to try it, but also because it does look comfortable enough. The Welle lounge seating series is made up of 6 different shapes. All of which has a wooden frame and a CMHR foam cushion (hardness 35 kilos). 

Photo: Welle (1-6) Lounge Seating

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