The Freedom Yacht is A Dream For Every Person Seeking Luxury

It’s true –the Freedom superyacht is one of a kind when it comes to luxury. What’s impressive about this yacht is its interior. Believe me, it will leave you spellbound. The superyacht boasts everything from comfortable dining areas to a large pool and a huge helipad on the main deck to sumptuous paintings illustrated on the main lounge’s ceilings… It’s worth it.

When it comes to guest accommodation, 12 guests can be easily accommodated in 8 cabins onboard. And the crew sums up to 28 people. Each room comes with its amenities. An en-suite bathroom, a TV, and, of course, amazing sea views. But the room that really makes a difference is the owner’s cabin.

As a matter of fact, the owner has its own entire deck (where the most unbelievable facilities can be found). The uniqueness of the owner’s cabin stems from its 180-degree view that will undoubtedly leave you breathless. It also comes with a private terrace as well as a walk-in dressing room. 

The yacht’s interior was designed by the notorious English designer John Munford, whereas the exterior was brainstormed by Stefano Natucci.

Photo: Yacht Charter Fleet

Classic furnishing in dark mahogany and walnut is utilized upon the major parts of the yacht. Imperial English style furniture is also noticeable which makes the yacht a genuine stand-out. What’s more impressive is the vaulted ceilings along with the fresco paintings. 

When it comes down to other amenities, the yacht includes a gym, a spa centre, grand piano, and a luxurious elevator so you can painlessly go from deck 1 to 7 and do it relatively swiftly. What’s even more, after a long and tiring exploring day, guests can head to the Turkish bath where they’ll be able to fully relax and rest. After that, they can head to the spa centre where they will be pampered so their bodies can enter into a 100 per cent relaxed state.

The Freedom superyacht is actually one of the largest yachts ever built in Italy. It’s 70 meters long and boasts amazing onboard comfort and convenience. The yacht comes with a 12.5-meter beam, has seven decks, as already mentioned, and will definitely leave you highly impressed when it comes down to luxury. The superyacht blusters 2,000hp Caterpillar engines that are able to deliver 14 knots at maximum. The average cruising speed of FREEDOM is 12 knots. 

Photo: Yacht Charter Fleet

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