The Future of Beauty Deciem’s NIOD range

Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science (NIOD) was always meant to be about the science and not the “sell”.

Unlike the Deciem brands that have come before NIOD, this one was a personal passion project for founder and CEO Brandon Truaxe who wanted a space to “push science to its very edge” without concern for public perception or how understandable the products come across.

Brandon was a computer programmer before he got into the beauty business. He came up with the idea for Deciem after working on software for a skin-care lab and noticing the drastic difference between the cost of raw ingredients and the price of finished products. 

As a result, all of Deceim’s products come in unadorned dropper bottles that look like prototypes straight from the lab. With compounds that often need deciphering from the hoards of online fans, this ‘skincare for the hyper-educated’ has developed a kind of cult following.

The products are primarily geared towards maintaining overall skin health and improving the lifespan and function of dermal cells so they age better. Unlike most brands, the beauty of NIOD is not in fragrances or Insta-worthy packaging, but in research-based ingredients and technologies that provide exceptional results.

In Australia, one of the growing concerns for skin health is environmental issues, particularly air pollution. Hence, one of the innovations that got DECIEM’s Chief Scientific Officer Prudvi Kaka excited, is the inclusion of Survival 0, 10, 20 and 30 (RRP $35). 

Photo: Deciem Australia, $35.00

Prudvi says, “it’s special because it brought forward the importance of providing the skin with environmental protection that is not necessarily addressed by UV protection alone. The innovation within the Survival range is based on trying to differentiate between different skin types and educating customers on what is best suited for them according to their skin needs.” 

The technologies within the formula address the damaging effects of blue and infrared light, and environmental stressors associated with exposure to UV radiation and urban pollution. 

The formula also includes a prebiotic complex of Gluco-Oligosaccharides and Inulin that serves to optimize the skin barrier function and maintain homeostasis of the skin microbiome. 

Another great example of Deciem’s science-based approach is Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 (RRP $135, 15ml), it contains GHK, a naturally-occurring peptide that is present within the body. Upon mixing and experiencing the visual colour change, the formula yields two different peptides: free GHK and GHK-Cu.

The Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (RRP $100) is another product treading new ground. The formula incorporates multiple novel active ingredients, each targeting different properties of the skin related to visible aging around the eye contour. 

Photo: Deciem Australia, $100

So where to start? Prudvi Kaka recommends products from the Core Regimen, which includes a powerful daytime serum: Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 (RRP $90, 15ml). This focuses on maintaining healthy-looking skin and targets all signs of skin aging indirectly, whilst ensuring that skin integrity is maintained over time.

Photo: Deciem Australia, $90.00

Prudvi also recommended the antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist (RRP $75) for 240ml, which acts as a daily force against oxidative stress, water loss, and the look of inflammation.

An overall hydrator and anti-ager are also suggested; the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (RRP $90, 30ml) offers a multi-dimensional approach to topical hydration, leaving skin looking plump, elastic and comfortable. Perfect for the winter and summer months.

Photo: Deciem Australia, $90.00

The NIOD range was specifically created to serve the purpose of being at the very edge of science by bringing the lab experience to the skin-care consumer. The ever-evolving technologies and the resources needed to curate, test, and manufacture the latest research and innovation means a bigger price tag. But compared to other brands, it’s reasonable, in fact, surprising to see a high-end technology range that isn’t exorbitant. 

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