Avinya EV

The Avinya is Indian Motoring giant Tata's first foray into the full Electric Vehicle market | Source: Tata Motors

Avinya EV: The Futuristic All-Electric Minivan Being Delivered in 2025

Tata Motors, the Indian owner of Jaguar Land Rover and car industry behemoth with a combined market capitalisation of A$343 billion is planning to make its first fully Electric Vehicle in 2025 with the release of its Avinya EV concept.

Avinya is Sanskrit for “innovation” and the company have tried their hardest to deliver a vehicle that is truly unique in styling and makes use of Tata’s brand new EV architecture.

This vehicle has a few notable distinctions, firstly the interior does away with the traditional B-pillar normally separating the front and back of the cabin and makes use of suicide back doors to really open the car up, making it easier to get in and out.

Source: Tata Motors

A sense of space is amplified by the seating layout of the car. The back seat is a comfortable, deep-seated seat for three and the two front seats can both swivel around to face the back, presumably the car will have next-generation navigation and self-drive capabilities in order to make this configuration safer.

The rest of the interior is decidedly minimal, there is no massive touchscreen to watch YouTube or sing karaoke and instead there is a wide soundbar with voice recognition software to control the features of the car. In a nostalgic nod to the minivans and saloons of the mid-seventies, the upholstery on the concept comes in a combination of purple-orange and cream trim as well as other colour combinations.

Exterior styling on the Avinya EV is sleek and futuristic, two long, thin strips of LEDs make up the rear lights and there is a large, fake grille, making the car look traditionally more aggressive and masculine, but still elegantly minimal.

Avinya EV
Source: Tata Motors

A single piece of glass becomes the windscreen and roof, stretching over the length of the car to provide a 180-degree view, there is no need for any of the traditional A-Pillars at the front corners of the cabin.

It is Tata’s first opportunity to showcase its new Pure EV Architecture which it is planning to be the foundation of EVs to come in the future, the electric underpinnings of the Avinya have some impressive specifications.

Source: Tata Motors

The company says the Avinya EV will be able to travel 498kms from just 30 minutes of charging, vastly outperforming other EVs in its class. A few models slated for release this year such as the Lucid Air Dream can do better and the Porsche Taycan, released in March 2022 has better charging times but is three times as expensive.

While making the AVINYA Concept a reality, the central idea was to offer a mobility solution like no other – a state of the art software on wheels that is well designed, sustainable and reduces the planet’s carbon footprint. Green Mobility is at the nucleus of TPEM, and the AVINYA Concept is the perfect reflection of what the company stands for – a creation that will not only accelerate the adoption of EVs but also lead this movement.

Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons

The company has not released any power or torque specifications for the Avinya, instead of concentrating on driver and passenger experience and safety, the car even has an air diffuser. It is expected to cost around A$55,626 before on-road costs and will be delivered in 2025.

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