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Raffaele Ronca’s $5,000 cheesecake is the most expensive in the world | Source: CNBC

The Great Cheesecake Crisis: Kraft to Pay Customers to Eat Another Dessert This Year

Christmas supply chain issues strike again. You may have heard about the great Champagne shortage earlier this year, well this is a crisis of a sweeter kind.

While most people don’t need a reason to indulge in cheesecake, American company Kraft will give you a reason not to – with the supplier voting to pay customers $20 to not eat cheesecake this Christmas.

The American food conglomerate, that owns the popular cream cheese brand Philadelphia, has launched a whole marketing campaign around it – “If you can’t spread Philly. Spread the feeling.”

It comes on the back of the company suffering from a cream cheese shortage urging customers to indulge in a secondary dessert, that they’ll pay for. People can apply to receive a US$20 digital reward from Philadelphia in the form of a dessert reservation. The prizes are limited to 10,000 and 18,000 reservations available across two days.

A delicious cheesecake is a holiday tradition that many families look forward to. So, if cheesecake is on less holiday tables this year, we want to make sure that you still get that holiday feeling, even if through other desserts.

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According to Bloomberg the cream cheese shortage is actually the latest casualty of cyberattacks, this time hackers targeted the largest United States, cheese manufacturer.

Schreiber Foods in Wisconsin was forced to shut production for days in October due to online attacks on its plants and distribution centres. It was enough to disrupt the whole supply chain, dropping cream cheese production for the month by 6.9 per cent from a year ago, according to government data. The shakeup of the whole U.S. market has put a sour spin on many peoples Christmas treat plans.

Classic baked cheesecake | Source: Donna Hay

The stoppage came during a peak cheese period before the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas holidays. In particular cream cheese, used to make cheesecake and other popular baked dishes was hit because it can’t be stockpiled. The product is made fresh and therefore has no reserve storage options.

While the cyberattacks were the catalyst, communications director for Schreiber Foods Andrew Tobisch mentioned there’s other factors involved.

While that (cyberattack) event definitely didn’t help matters, it’s really world events that are the biggest driver of what’s happening with cream cheese.

Bloomberg also reports a trio of other problems has recently plagued the industry. Manufacturers have had problems getting starch, a thickening agent used in cream cheese as well as packaging like plastic film and cardboard boxes shortage. Finally, the US dairy industry has struggled with a shortage of truck drivers to deliver the products.

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