The Gucci Ace Sneaker Review

The 100-year-old Italian fashion house first introduced its signature Ace Sneakers in 2016. The shoes were an overnight success, and casual footwear was cemented into the realm of high-end fashion. The white Italian-leather shoes were initially released as low top sneakers before experiencing seasonal transformations. The shoes are now available in low top and high top models, with plenty of unique patterns and material variations to choose from.

Gucci’s major style inspiration for the sneaker comes from the shoes of the 1970s, with the brand aiming to capture the essence of the fashion era in the ace sneakers. The latest styles seem to exhibit the brand’s message, incorporating more bold accents, spikes, prints, logos, embroidery and even Disney images securing a spot on the beloved shoe.

Ace sneaker wearers find the shoe surprisingly light weight and comfortable for its thick material, and appreciate the ultra-soft leather upper that hugs the feet. The sneakers also offer the wearer a good degree of style versatility, with the statement shoes complimenting a variety of dressier and more casual outfits. Combing elegance and functionality, the Gucci Ace Sneakers will undoubtedly be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

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