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The Gucci Marmont Bag Review

The Gucci Marmont series features various handbag styles, sizes and colours. The collection mainly comprises of shoulder, handle top, bucket and tote bags, which are made from materials such as leather, velvet and sequins. While many of the bags are available in bright colours and distinctive patterns, there are some more neutral styles and colours available as well.

Gucci Marmont Mini

Despite it’s deceptively small appearance, this handbag actually has enough room for all of the essentials. You can easily fit your wallet, keys and phone, with more room for a couple of extra items. If you purchase the shoulder mini or cross body mini, then this bag features a single zip, allowing easy access to all of your things. With a long shoulder chain, all of the mini models offer the added benefit of being hands free.

Gucci Marmont Small

If you need to carry more than the essentials then the Gucci Marmont Small may be the bag for you. Available in both shoulder and top handle styles, this handbag is one of the most popular models in the Gucci Marmont collection. The handbag can be used as a daytime or evening bag, with it’s classic style complimenting a variety of different outfits.

Gucci Marmont Medium

The Gucci Marmont medium is available in top handle, shoulder and tote bag styles. If you love the Gucci Marmont collection but are looking for something a little larger, then the medium bag will suit you. The medium models both feature a long shoulder strap, taking pressure off the arms and allowing for a hands free option.


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