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From the outside, this quaint and rather unimposing sandstone facade hides Luxembourg’s little palace, one of Relais & Chateaux’s charming hotels the Hotel Le Place d’Armes. Situated in the historical heart of Luxembourg’s business and shopping district, this 18th-century printing house has been tastefully converted to include several adjoining houses to accommodate 18 rooms and 10 luxury suites. Not only does this boutique hotel offer a unique accommodation experience, but also boasts three exquisite restaurants; La Cristallerie, Le Plëss Rôtisserie and Le Cafè de Paris that is sure to tempt any gourmet’s tastebuds.

Photo: Hotel Le Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

Whilst this hotel has combined several separate properties it has done so flawlessly, balancing the 18th-century heritage features with Art nouveau, a revisited Baroque and contemporary styles throughout. Former hotel proprietor and architect Jean Beck, has tastefully designed each of the 28 rooms and suites with an intriguingly different interior. But the overall feeling evoked in each of the rooms is the same warm, intimate and cozy vibe that is so unique to this 5-star establishment.

Photo: Hotel Le Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

Each of the seven different buildings is interconnected by a mix of glass corridors, suspended staircases and sun-filled patios. With hidden rooftop terraces, inner courtyards, warm salons and quiet reading nooks along the way this unique journey through the hotel enhances your intrigue and curiosity to explore.

Photo: Hotel Le Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

Each of the rooms showcases their style and charm, with some situated under the main roof structure showing the magnificent white wooden frameworks, while others offer private terraces or spacious adjoining family suites. The pièce de résistance is the Cristal Suite. This is the ultimate lavished luxury with a large and regal sitting room as you enter, equipped with antique furniture and precious chandeliers. Then walking through to the king-size bedroom with adjoining spacious bathroom and its vast bathtub makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day in town.

Photo: Hotel Le Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

Nationally reputed for its fine cuisine, the Hotel Le Place d’Armes offers three dining options all managed by their famed gastronomy director, Fabrice Salvador. Their gourmet restaurant La Cristallerie focuses on exceptional local produce creating menus inspired by the seasons. Paired with a daring new wine range by one of the best sommelier in Europe, Olivier Schanne. This will be a tailor-made dining experience to remember.

Photo: Hotel Le Place d’Armes, Luxembourg

For a slightly more subdued atmosphere why not try the Plëss, Hotel Le Place d’Armes’s brand new Rotisserie. Elegantly designed by Tristan Auer this chic brasserie has a large selection of grilled meats and fish crudos to choose from. Or maybe hit the renowned Café de Paris, the local’s bistro. Serving light culinary delights by day and cocktails, tapas and delicatessen boards by night. The perfect spot to blow off some steam in good company.

For those stepping into the fairy-tale-like lands of Luxembourg, the offers of Hotel Le Place d’Armes paired with their renowned high-quality service is a true paradise for art lovers, architecture enthusiasts and gourmet food connoisseurs alike. Well worth a look inside this hidden palace on Luxembourg’s bustling Place d’Armes square.

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