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The Latest Chapter of an Iconic Collaboration: The Apple Watch Hermès Series 6

The ultimate union of two innovative brands. This is the latest chapter of an iconic collaboration; the Apple Watch Hermès Series 6. Both these brands boast a similar design ethos; sleek, stylish and elegant. The Hermès iteration on the famous Apple Watch is a special edition watch featuring the French luxury goods manufacturers unique leather strap. The new Series 6 however, gives you an exciting range of strap options. It’s your choice of the Hermès jumping single tour strap, the Hermès attelage double tour strap, the single tour deployment buckle and an exclusive sporty single tour band. All come in a varying range of colours and finishes depending on your style. Here are our top picks in the new edition of an iconic collaboration; Apple Watch Hermès Series 6.

Apple Watch Hermès with Single Tour Deployment Buckle

Iconic style with a little extra. This Apple Watch Hermès features the same classic stainless steel case, but with the Hermès single tour deployment buckle for some added magic. Made from handcrafted leather in France, the hidden buckle isn’t obvious to outside viewers. Yet it’s the covert exclusivity that’s exciting. What the single tour deployment buckle provides is a sleek twist on a Hermès classic with added functionality. The case is available in classic stainless steel or Space Black and the strap also comes in two colours; Noir and Ébène. We like the sophisticated luxury of the Space Black and Noir pairing.

Apple Watch Hermès with Jumping Single Tour

Vibrant, energetic and chic, this Apple Watch Hermès is the perfect companion for an exciting, active lifestyle. The brilliant jumping single tour strap is crafted from a new textile for flexibility that remains strong. Hermès’s single strap is woven with a colourful design that ensures your watch won’t hide on your wrist. Available in four colourways, stand out from the pack and show off this accessory with an alive jumping single tour strap. Choose from; Orange/Rose Mexico, Kraft/Rouge de Cœur, Rouge de Cœur/Rouge H, Bleu Saphir/Orange. Our pick is the Kraft/Rouge de Cœur; a slightly quieter statement with a luxury vibe.

Apple Watch Hermès with Attelage Double Tour

This Apple Watch Hermès is a modern, minimalist piece perfect for any occasion. Featuring the Hermès iconic attelage double tour, the royal blue colour provides a professional feel adaptable to many styles. Made from handcrafted leather, the elegant bracelet wraps comfortably twice around the wrist complete with a smart connection. This Hermès Double Tour Apple Watch has a slimmer look and a classic stainless steel case that’s durable with a mirror-like finish. It’s your choice of five colours; Rose Mexico, Noir, Blanc, Bleu Saphir and Fauve, although our favourite is certainly the Bleu Saphir.

Create your own style

The Apple x Hermès watch collection allows you to create the style you want, your way. Pair a classic Apple Hermès Watch case with any handcrafted band to find the look that suits you. Adjust your display’s size and finish and select the straps material, colour, pattern, length and either single or double tour.

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