The Charming Maison Balzac Le Cirque Items You Need in Your Home

Experience something distinct from the home decor lion, Maison Balzac. The new collection from the modern interior label is an eccentric take on its traditional style of decor objects. Intriguingly titled Maison Balzac Le Cirque, the charming collection of perfumed candles, delicate interior objects, funky vases and a marble solitaire game. Created in Sydney Australia, the funhouse of whimsical products is inspired by the joy and amusement of the circus. An attractive selection of Le Cirque pieces come together in a circus-style celebration.

Le Solitaire Game

The Le Solitaire marble board game is inspired by the French court of Louis XIV in 1697. Featuring a decorative playboard and handcrafted frosted marbles, the traditional game is handmade in France with white marble powder sourced from Carrara in Italy. 

A unique, one-player game, is believed to offer a calming meditation sensation. This set from the Le Cirque collection also comes with Maison Balzac’s directions on how to play.

Sac de Dilles

Maison Balzac’s Sac de Dilles – a linen pouch carrying an assorted selection of multicoloured glass marbles. The hand-blown marbles are made from 100 per cent Borosilicate glass.

Four Gobelets

Putting the art back into drinking, these four minimalistic drinking tumblers are each handblown from 100% borosilicate glass and emblazed with the Maison Balzac star logo on its base. Featuring a selection of teal, azure, green and clear colours, the timeless design becomes an everyday staple that doubles as a standout for special occasions. The height of 10cm by 8cm, 450ml tumblers make the simple act of drinking a desirable experience.

L’Escargot Scented Candle

It wouldn’t be a Maison Balzac collection without the inclusion of beautifully scented candles. Alongside the charismatic line of interior objects, Le Cirque brings a new Maison Balzac’s home fragrance to the table. The special candle called L’Escargot, developed specifically for this collection pays tribute to the brand’s love of snails. The green fragrance of rosemary and the wooden notes of juniper berry complete the beauty of this sweet fennel accord. 

Available in both a mini and large size, experience the scent for either an 18 hour or 70 hour burn time respectively.

Le Cubiste Candle Holder

There’s an art to holding candles, proven by the French label with its Le Cubiste. The Maison Balzac candle holder is inspired by the imagination of the cubist art movement, handmade in marble from Carrara in Italy. The striking candle vessel comfortably holds a single tapered or tealight candle perfect for lighting a peaceful ambience.

Margot Vase Trio

The Margot Vase Trio features amber, pink and clear glass. Each delicate piece is the perfect recipient of a single-stemmed plant, elevating its presence in any room. Add the vases to your space and watch the decor absorb the flower and embrace elegance. The 18cm height by 4cm base diameter vases are sculpted from handblown borosilicate glass and hides the Maison Balzac star stamp on its base.

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