Offering personal concierge services that open the doors to VIP events, first-class travel, fine dining and more, these prestigious cards are far more than pieces of plastic | Illustration by Holly Wiggins for The Market Herald

The Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the World

While the average person might look for a good rewards program and low fees in a credit card, the ultra-wealthy simply don’t look at all. Instead, they are invited to apply for ultra-exclusive credit cards.

Offering personal concierge services that open the doors to VIP events, first-class travel, fine dining and more, these prestigious cards are far more than pieces of plastic. In fact, most of the world’s most exclusive cards are made out of anything but plastic, with Dubai First’s top-tier credit card trimmed with gold and crowned by a diamond. Along with VIP treatment, travel upgrades, rewards programs and uncapped spending, these credit cards come with a status that is only earned by being a high net-worth individual who travels in elite circles.

American Express Centurion

Promising exceptional benefits, the American Express Centurion offers the keys to “a world few will ever see.” Considered one of the most prestigious invitation-only credit cards, the ‘Amex Black’ as it is known has remained one of the most exclusive cards since it was first issued back in 1999.

Made of titanium, the Centurion card comes with a 24/7 personal concierge, elite status at a number of hotel chains, access to private airport lounges and VIP events, reservations at the world’s top restaurants and more. According to The Points Guy, Amex only extends invitations for its personal Centurion cards – there is also a business version – to those who’ve spent at least A$475,000 across all Amex accounts and have an income exceeding around A$1.36 million. After receiving an invite, it is said you have to pay an initial fee of approximately A$13,620 and then an annual fee of around A$6,815.

Source: Forbes

J.P. Morgan Reserve Card

Formerly called the Chase Palladium, J.P. Morgan’s Reserve Card is its most exclusive offering. Made out of palladium, the invite-only card comes with an annual fee of around A$800, which will grant you a range of benefits including five times total points on flights and 10 times total points on hotels and car rentals. The Reserve Card also comes with a year’s worth of free DoorDash deliveries on eligible orders.

The exclusive invite-only card is only available to Chase private bank customers who have a minimum of approximately A$13 million in assets with Chase. While granting access to private lounges and VIP Chase-hosted events, the Reserve Card’s benefits are not dissimilar to the second tier Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Source: Credit Card Insider

Citi Chairman

According to Credit Card Insider, Citi’s Chairman Card comes with a credit limit of more than A$400,000, a 24/7 concierge service and airport private lounge access.

The annual fee for this exclusive credit card is reportedly just A$680, however, to get your hands on a black Chairman Card you’ll need to make significant investments with a Citigroup brokerage account before – potentially gaining an invitation.

Source: Medium

Dubai First Royale Mastercard

Trimmed with real gold and featuring a .235 carat diamond-embedded centre, Dubai First’s Royale MasterCard is supposedly held by just 200 or so ultra high net-worth individuals, including members of the Saudi royal family.

Granted on a strictly invitation-only basis, this prestigious credit card is said to have no credit limits and virtually no restrictions. Shrouded in exclusivity, the card’s annual fee is unknown but is said to pay for the card’s limitless spending as well as a dedicated relationship manager who can reportedly achieve the impossible in terms of upgrades and event access.

Source: Twitter

Coutts Silk Card

Considered England’s most exclusive credit card, Coutts’ Silk Card is used by the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II. The exclusive piece of plastic is said to come with a concierge service and perks like hotel upgrades as well as dining and spa deals. According to Coutts, its concierge service is on hand to help with your social life too by providing priority access to the world’s top restaurants, securing tickets to events and even offering access to its own suite at London’s O2.

Only existing Coutts clients with plenty of money and a stellar credit score are eligible for this credit card. It is also believed that you must deposit at least a million pounds, or approximately A$1,789,000 to open an account.

Source: Cheapism

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