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The Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances

The most expensive refrigerator

A Sub-Zero refrigerator will cost you between A$18,000 and A$45,000. The superlative fridge is one of the most technologically advanced refrigerators that you can buy. Using a filter developed by NASA, the Sub Zero self-cleans its air every 20 minutes, removing any mould, bacteria, viruses, odours or ethylene gas from the interior and preserving food at an optimum temperature. In the Sub-Zero freezer section, the air is kept dry to prevent any freezer burn on frozen goods.

Assembled largely from recycled materials, the Sub-Zero is also one of the most sustainable fridges that you can buy. The product runs on less electricity than a 75-watt light bulb and prevents any energy wastage by utilising self-sealing magnetic doors.

The most expensive coffee machine

The Belle Epoque is one of the most attractive coffee machines money can buy. Made by the Italian brand Elektra Coffee Machines, the use of copper and brass gives the product an alluring vintage exterior. While the interior boasts functionality with a steel frame, powerful boiler, double scale high precision gauge, five dose device presets and double access cup holder compartment. The Belle Epoque is available in six different commercial and home models and is priced at A$24,000.

The most expensive kettle

One of the most expensive kettles on the market was released as part of a collaboration between two of the biggest Italian brands, Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana. This designer kettle combines Smeg’s highly renowned kitchen appliance technology, with Dolce & Gabbana’s stunning designer fashion, prints and patterns. As part of the Sicily is My Love, the kettle features floral designs inspired by the landscapes, cuisine and culture of Southern Italy. The kettle is priced at A$899.

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