The Most Expensive Pens

From diamond-encrusted to translucent enamel finishes – take a look at some of the most expensive pens ever constructed.

The most expensive fountain pen

Aurora Diamante

Considered to be the world’s most exclusive writing instrument, The Aurora Diamante is worth over A$1.7 million. Made of pure platinum, the luxurious fountain pen is encrusted with over 1900 De Beers diamonds and topped with an 18-karat gold nib. With only one Aurora Diamante pen available to purchase each year, it’s only a select few who can be owners of the special pen. If you are able to purchase the pen, the Italian-based company, Aurora, is willing to personalise the Aurora Diamante with your own portrait, signature or coat of arms.

Montblanc Boheme Royal

Valued at A$232,300 the Boheme Royal is Montblanc’s most expensive pen. Encrusted with more than 1430 G and F grade diamonds, the 18-karat white gold pen also features a rare, platinum-based retractable nib and paramount-cut diamond clip. The Boheme Royal is available in two different styles, one with white diamonds and the other with alternating white and black diamonds.

Fulgor Nocturnus

Made by Florentine pen maker, Tibaldi, the Fulgor Nocturnus was sold for A$8 million at a charity auction in Shanghai in 2010. The brilliant fountain pen alludes to the Divine Proportion of Phi, an ancient spirituality concept. When the pen is closed, the ratio between the pen’s cap and visible portion of barrel equals the number representative of Phi. Made from solid ruthenium-plated 18k gold, the pen is adorned with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies. Accounting for its high price, the Fulgor Nocturnus is the only one of its kind ever made.

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The most expensive ball pen

Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Rollerball Pens

A Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Rollerball pen is worth over A$30,000. Featuring an 18-carat gold nib, the pens are enhanced with two Acanthus leaves in rhodium and iridium. The rollerball pens utilise an advanced refill system that allows for a full year of writing on a single fill.

Tibaldi Bentley Crewe Limited Edition 18ct White Gold Rollerball Pen

Designed in a special collaboration between British car manufacturer, Bentley, and Italian pen maker, Tibaldi, these limited edition pens cost around A$55,500 each. Made from a mix of 18-karat white gold, rhodium and ruthenium, the pens also feature a knurled cap and barrel to ensure a comfortable writing grip. One of the more clever features of the pen is the transparent window alerting the writer to lowering ink levels.

Montegrappa Mayan Calendar/Ancient Mexican Civilisations Rollerball

 Worth over A$185,230, these Montegrappa rollerball pens pay homage to the ancient Mexican civilisations and their contribution to the creation of indigenous writing systems. Made of solid 18-karat gold and finished with translucent enamel, the pens are engraved with depictions of Mexican gods and distinctive Mayan architecture patterns. Only 20 of these pens were released, making them an extremely exclusive and collectable product.

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