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The Most Expensive Suburbs in Perth

Based on REIWA’s 2020 list, these are the most expensive suburbs in Perth.


The riverside suburb of Dalkeith is renowned for being the richest suburb in Perth. Boasting a population of some of Australia’s wealthiest people, including high-profile billionaires Gina Rinehart and Kerry Stokes, the suburb experienced a median house price of A$2.6 million in 2020.



Considered to be one of the best suburbs in Perth, the beachside suburb offers an enviable lifestyle with plenty of restaurants, shopping and coastal attractions. In 2020, the western suburb experienced 63 house sales with the median property price being A$2.2 million.



Nedlands is one of the oldest suburbs in Perth. Home to long stretches of riverside, The University of Western Australia and facilities including Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. The suburb experiences a high demand for properties, with the average selling time being just 26 days. In 2020, Nedlands properties had a price of A$1.75 million.

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City Beach

This northern suburb is regarded as one of the top suburbs in Perth. Located on the coastline, City Beach is home to beachside mansions, seafood restaurants and alfresco cafes. In 2020, the suburb recorded a median house price of A$1.8 million, making it the fourth most expensive suburb in Perth.

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Located in Perth’s south, this leafy suburb is known for it’s majestic jacaranda trees and riverfront mansions. As one of Perth’s richest suburbs, Applecross also offers a host of designer boutiques and expensive restaurants. Last year, the suburb experienced a median house price of A$1.56 million.



Neighbouring Cottesloe, this affluent suburb recorded a median house price of A$1.53 million in 2020. With it’s own train station, beaches and character style homes, Swanbourne offers a desirable lifestyle for buyers. This is clearly reflected in it’s hasty selling period of just 25 days.



This coastal suburb is home to stunning beaches, modern homes and state-of-the-art recreation facilities. In 2020, Floreat experienced over 90 property sales, making it the suburb with the highest number of sales on the list. Compared to previous years, Floreat’s median property price actually rose 14.9 per cent to a figure of A$1.5 million.

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Mosman Park

Mosmon Park is not only one of the most expensive suburbs in Perth, but it’s also home to the most expensive house in Perth. Purchased by Mineral Resources founder, Chris Ellison for A$57.5 million in 2009, the expensive home is one of many located in the so-called millionaires’ row. In 2020, the suburb experienced a median house price of A$1.52 million, making it the eighth most expensive suburb in the city.

Why the Mosman Park property market is a magnet for Perth's well-heeled  residents

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