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The Vodka Craze: The Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

The spirit of preference for the rich, the famous and the fashion-forward – vodka. While Grey Goose, Beluga and Ciroc all produce a good drop – the very upper echelon of society, drink something a little extra. Here is a look at the most expensive vodkas from the top tier shelf selection.

Russo-Baltique Vodka

Worth almost A$1.9 million for a bottle – this extra drop is made by car manufacturer Russo-Baltique – and was first created in 2008, backed by Kazakhstan royalty. Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the automaker, the bottle is finished in white and yellow gold with a diamond-encrusted Russian Imperial eagle that represents the cars front grille. The first bottle went to Prince Albert of Monaco and others live in collections including a vodka museum in Copenhagen. That’s a bit Fancy if you ask us.

Billionaire Vodka

The world’s most expensive vodka is aptly named Billionaire Vodka. The vodka itself is an original Russian recipe triple filtered through the ice, then Nordic birch charcoal and lastly through finely crushed diamonds and gems. The 18-litre bottle is the handy work of luxury designer Leon Verres. The platinum and rhodium encased crystal bottle is covered in black faux fur and encrusted with almost two thousand diamonds set in gold. The sold-out 2015 edition bottle costs A$10.1 million each.

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The Eye of the Dragon

There’s unlikely a vodka bottle that’s more a work of art than the almost A$7.7 million Eye of the Dragon vodka. One of the most expensive vodkas in the world, the bottle is the joint creation of Dutch company Royal Dragon and New York’s Scarselli Diamonds. The bottle features approximately 15,000 and a dragon studded with 50-karat intense yellow diamonds. The six-litre bottle itself is solid 18-karat gold and weighs about 2kg. Inside is an extremely smooth vodka developed by charcoal distilling the finest winter rye five times.

Diva Premium Vodka

‘The world’s most glamorous vodka,’ Diva Premium Vodka, is known for its incredible taste. According to their website, the secret to its “smooth and pure taste,” is the premium English grain which is filtered seven times. The estimated A$1.4 million bottle has a unique process of being made. First, the vodka bottle is submerged through ice, then it is placed into Nordic birch charcoal and finally, is placed in diamond sand and crushed gems. The bottles themselves are adorned with 48 gems, choose from sapphires, emeralds or fascias, and inside are removable Swarovski crystals that are yours to keep.

Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition

The historical vodka uses the same recipe and ingredients as the bottles Tsar Nicholas II was sending to George V, The King Of England over a century ago. The royal mixture is created by distilling with solid gold pipes and infusing the liquid with diamonds. Only 250 of these handmade crystal bottles worth A$34,200 each were ever made and they come in a polished walnut box with gold details and silk & velvet interior.

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle

While Absolut is more synonymous with mainstream vodka, its collaboration with Swedish designers Magnus Skosberg and Mimi Smart creates one of the most expensive vodkas in the world. The high-quality crystal bottle comes with two matching crystal tumblers with only 10 sets ever made. The premium vodka costs almost A$14,000 a bottle and features Absolut’s signature taste of distilling hard winter wheat.

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka

The limited-edition bottles launched at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival are worth over A$10,000. The glass bear bottle features a built-in backlight and is the collaboration of Polish company Belvedere and singer and songwriter DJ Jean-Roch. The super-premium vodka is distilled Belvedere’s signature four times creating a very smooth yet rich flavour.

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