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The Most Iconic ‘Sex and the City’ Looks and How to Recreate Them

With designers like Miu Miu signalling the return of the low-rise mini-skirt and publications like Vogue shining an equally bright spotlight on street fashion, there isn’t a better time to return to the iconic looks of the enduringly popular Sex and the City for fashion inspiration.

The announcement of the highly anticipated 10-episode reboot titled And Just Like That sent SATC lovers in a frenzy last year. And while the reboot won’t feature Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones, the series which is due to air in December has already teased at plenty of iconic looks.

And so, I couldn’t help but wonder… While the series featured some rather unique looks, is there a way to recreate some of the character’s best fashion moments?

The powersuit

Bold business attire may be hot right now, but it was Samantha Jones that paved the way to making power-dressing sexy. Sporting a lacy black bra beneath an oversized statement pink blazer, Samantha’s iconic pink suit look is as trendy today as it was then.

The grey co-ord

While Carrie, Miranda and Samantha tend to opt for bright colours and statement pieces in the series, Miranda is often seen in more understated business wear. Sporting plenty of crisp button-downs, sleek blazer and skirt sets and a more neutral colour palette, Miranda’s outfits, including this grey co-ord number, are easily transferable to your current work wardrobe.

The casual dress

Considered one of the most iconic outfits in the series, this grey bodycon mini dress is another SATC outfit that will never go out of style. Paired with a pair of classic aviators, Carrie’s little grey dress moment is a simple and easy to replicate summer outfit.

The cocktail dress

Often seen wearing preppy headbands, tweeds, pearls and plenty of pinks, Charlotte’s style can be considered the blueprint for Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf. Drawing inspiration from the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, this classic strapless pink midi dress is the perfect Hollywood glamour moment we all need.

The evening dress

Recognised as one of Carrie’s many revenge dresses in the series, this slinky number shows that not all sleepwear should remain in the bedroom. With silk slips continuing to pop up in fashion trends time and time again, it’s fair to say that a silk midi dress is worth having in your wardrobe.

The white trench

Sex and the City featured countless chic trench coats, however, this beige-white trench coat Samantha wears is up there with the best. Paired with classic stilettos, this is a timeless and classy autumn-winter look. 

Illustration by Briana Murphy for The Market Herald

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