Marie Antoinette's diamond bracelets

Marie Antoinette's diamond bracelets | Source: Christie's

The Most Incredible Items Going Under the Hammer at Christie’s Luxury Week

From historic jewels to vintage wines, Christie’s Luxury Week will see a variety of incredible collectibles sell under the hammer over the next few weeks.

Kicking off with six live and online auctions in Geneva from November 2, Luxury Week 2021 brings some of the rarest jewellery pieces, wines, watches and handbags to the established premier auction house.

Before wrapping up on December 14, Christie’s Luxury Week will offer ‘an experience for the senses’ from November 17 onwards at its King Street galleries in London. Visitors will be able to try on classic designs and see vintage designer goods like Louis Vuitton’s explorer trunk from 1890.

According to Christie’s the excitement is set to continue in New York as part of an edit coming to Rockefeller Center this December.

Marie-Antoinette’s Diamond Bracelets

According to historians, at the cusp of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette wrapped her finest jewels in cotton before storing them in a wooden chest to be sent to Vienna.

Now in the possession of Christie’s, all 140 to 150 carats of these matching bracelets will soon sell to the highest bidder.

What is miraculous is that they have remained together and intact when they could have easily been broken up, as many other jewels of royal provenance have been.

Jean-Marc Lunel, senior international jewellery specialist at Christie’s

Dating back to 1777, the bracelets were crafted by jeweller Boehmer and purchased for 250,000 livre, with much of that money borrowed from her husband, King Louis XVI. The pair of bracelets are estimated to fetch up to A$5.8 million at the Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction on November 9.

Duchess of Windsor’s first anniversary bracelet

Crafted by Cartier in 1938, this ruby and diamond bracelet once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson. Gifted by the Duke of Windsor on their first wedding anniversary, the bracelet is inscribed with ‘For our first anniversary of June third’.

According to Christie’s, the Duke and Duchess were celebrating their anniversary on the French Riviera when he gifted this bejewelled bracelet to Wallis.

Estimated to fetch up to A$2.1 million, the bracelet is signed by Cartier Paris and is adorned with cushion-shaped rubies and circular cut diamonds.

Rolex Deep Sea Special No. 1

Estimated to sell for up to A$5.9 million, Rolex’s Deep Sea Special No. 1 is an experimental deep diving timepiece that dates back to 1953. Crafted to withstand immense pressures, the Deep Sea Special No. 1 was worn by Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard on his dive into the Tyrrhenian Sea off of the Italian island of Ponza. The first of just seven experimental Deep Sea Special watches, this watch is one of the most historically valuable timepieces for collectors.

Château Latour 1961

Comprised of three magnums sourced directly from Chateau Latour’s cellars, this trio of vintage reds fetched close to A$200,000. Described as port-like, extraordinarily complex and highly perfumed, these 1961 magnums are considered some of the best by wine connoisseurs, including Michael Broadbent who gave this vintage an incredible six stars.

Heart Shaped Coloured Diamond Ring

Set to sell for up to A$14.8 million, this heart shaped diamond ring weighs 6.75 carats and is classified as a Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink. Internally flawless, the diamond is brilliant cut and shaped into a perfect heart. Although Christie’s lists no historical background on this ring, the sheer size of this pink diamond speaks for itself.

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