The Nature of Time: How the Grand Seiko Watch Mirrors the Change in Seasons

In nature, time is represented by the season’s and Japan is a country with a strong affinity to the changing seasons. It’s then only fitting for Japanese watch manufacturer, Grand Seiko, to model its Elegance timepiece collection on each of the four seasons.

While in Japan, each of the four seasons is encountered in six stages – the main four seasons are the central pieces of the collection. Giving a distinct individuality to each timepiece. Each watch represents and celebrates a different seasonal phase. Designing Japan’s seasonal beauty, the watches are intended to be an expression of the nature of time itself.

Shunbun | Spring

The Shunbun is the season we know as Spring. Once the spring equinox arrives, the cherry blossoms shake off their winter frost and begin to bloom. At the same time, green sprigs of grass start to poke through the snow. Capturing these seasonal elements in the rose gold hand and deep green watch face, the timepiece also features 37 jewels, a calendar linked time difference adjustment function and automatic manual winding.

Image: SBGJ251 A$10,600

Shōsho | Summer  

The Shōsho or summer signifies the end of the rainy season. Instead, a warm wind begins to create shimmering ripples in the thousands of lakes and ponds around japan. Captured in the gentle pattern of the blue and white watch face, this summer feature is brought to life. With a long, tapered seconds hand, high beat calibre, and automatic with manual winding, the watch is a powerful as the summer heat.

ImageL SBGJ249 A$10,600

Kanro | Autumn

The Kanro or Autumn is here when the evenings come sooner and the first frosts appear. The mornings get chillier and the moon seems brighter. In this Grand Seiko watch, Kanro is captured in this timepiece through the Spring Drive dial movement that moves slowly and quietly across the watch face, as the moon does across the night sky. With 10 bar water resistance, this watch evokes the mystery of mid-Autumn.

Image: SBGE271 A$9,400

Tōji | Winter  

Toji is the Japanese season of winter. Characterised by short days with crisp, cold air, Toji welcomes the bright and shimmering snow. Representing the winter solstice and the snow that beautifully covers Japan, the timepiece is distinctly silver with a gold GMT hand to represent the last rays of the evening sun. This watch also features a 24-hour hand dual time display, 30 jewels and a calendar-linked time difference adjustment function.

Image: SBGE269 A$9,400

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