The New Generation of Smartwatches

It’s 2020, and what a better time to invest in a quality smartwatch that is both stylish and functional. The smartwatches available for purchase today are miles apart from the original clunky versions we saw several years ago. 

Today, smartwatches have not only improved immeasurably in terms of style and design but huge strides have been made in terms of the functionality and effectiveness of these watches. Smartwatches are the perfect combination of luxury and efficiency, and what modern individual would want to be without them? For anyone wanting to enter the smartwatch market, our round-up of new generation smartwatches is perfect for you. 

Fossil Group

The Fossil Group offers by far the most diverse range of smartwatches that are compatible with Google Wear OS. The company has recently introduced its newest instalment to great acclaim – The Fossil Generation 5. These are functional, effective smartwatches that don’t compromise on style and aesthetics. The sleek new versions boast a resurrected speaker and mic pair and four new battery modes compared with the previous Generation 4.

Photo: Fossil Smartwatch

The smartwatches allow you to answer calls directly on your wrist, easily access your emails, texts and favourite apps, easily stream music and podcasts, take advantage of the integrated Google Assistant for all your daily queries, with an incredible battery life thanks to the new different battery modes. These watches also boast an impressive amount of storage, and of course, will help you keep your health and fitness up with a range of top-of-the-range fitness trackers and health functions.  


As always, Apple is on top of the game with a constantly evolving roster of smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the most recent development – a truly incredible smartwatch with a stunning design and excellent capabilities. The always-on display, the fully customisable design, made from quality, durable materials like aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic or titanium are just a few of the benefits of this top-of-the-line smartwatch.

Photo: Apple Watch Series 5

This is the watch that helps you smash your fitness goals, take care of your health, track your cycle, easily plays your favourite music, enables you to pay for things in seconds and helps you keep on top of everything in your personal and working life. All in all, the Apple Watch Series 5 is an incredible option for anyone looking to purchase a quality smartwatch. 

Samsung Galaxy 

The eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE is a great option for a good all-around smartwatch. Solid build, stunning design, innovative and sleek functionalities as well as LTE support combine to make this smartwatch a must-have.

Photo: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE

For fitness enthusiasts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE will be a perfect match: boasting a wide range of fitness tracking functionalities and a focus on health monitoring, this seems geared towards to health and fitness crowd. However, this smartwatch isn’t just functional – its sleek and sophisticated design makes this an elegant timepiece in its own right. With its timeless design, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE is one of the most attractive smartwatches on the market. 

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