The New Rooftop Bar Everyone's Talking About in San Francisco

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The San Francisco scene is like a lush field in autumn – wild mushrooms are popping out of nowhere, all are ripe for the picking. Where do you start? You certainly can’t tell which one’s are the best from just looking at it. You’d have to go nearer it and pick it up for a close inspection. Then you’d have to cook it to appreciate it.

Welcome to San Francisco where bars are popping up like mushrooms, each one claiming a particular niche that they’re great at. Each place has it’s own crowd and vibe. And here’s a recently opened bar that will have you coming back.

Photo: The Everdene Rooftop

The Everdene Rooftop

Paying tribute to all the strong and independent women in the world, Virgin SF Hotel’s rooftop bar is called Everdene (as in Bathsheba Everdene, Far From The Madding Crowd). Space is everything. San Francisco is – an open-air area that meets an enclosed one (can be reserved for private events) with 360-degree breathtaking views, especially at night. With rooftop bars, there is a sense of elitism and entitlement that seems to go about it these days. Don’t even mind the chilly weather at night, just bring a leather jacket to complete your already chic look. And you can bundle up with blankets provided. A DJ provides the soundtrack of your night.

Photo: The Everdene Rooftop

Cocktails are from Tommy Quimby and delightfully named after Bathsheba Everdene’s character arcs in the novel. You can order the likes of Maiden’s Blush (Bacardi 8-year rum, lemon juice, ginger, beet, pineapple), or Love, Honor & Betrayal (aviation gin, apricot, lemon juice, lavender, Moet imperial sparkling, served up). These combinations are just mouthwatering to read. For those who need to stay away from alcohol, they have booze-free drinks such as Dream-County (lime, kiwi, lychee, soda water, served on ice).

Photo: The Everdene Rooftop

And then there’s the lounge food. No hip bar can survive without feeding its clientele, even if it’s hors d’oeuvres. Chef Adrian Garcia, who is the executive chef for the hotel’s Commons Club (lower level of the same hotel where Everdene is), uses mostly locally sourced ingredients, coupled with a wide array of culinary techniques that result in a modern yet whimsical style of cooking. Choose from marinated olives, Frito Misto, or your staple artisanal cheese and charcuterie, to name a few.

Photo: The Everdene Rooftop

The doors of this hip, rooftop bar open at 5 PM, there is even a line minutes before this. You don’t need to reserve as they accept walk-ins, but if you’re coming as a group and would need a private area, then you should.

The crowd dresses up nicely (SanFo casual, which means dress up), most of them just got off work, some of them are creatives, foodies, and just locals having fun. This place is just good vibes and always getting full.

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