The Not So Ordinary Brand Everyone Is Obsessing Over

Starting with its founder, Canadian Brandon Truaxe (who was born Ali Roshan in Tehran). According to the Financial Post, his computer science background paved the way for an internship in a beauty company in New York where he saw how inexpensive the raw materials are needed for one product, and how much the price of each went up for packaging, marketing, etc. He believed that he could make his beauty brand and it could be sold for a price so low it’s unbelievable. 

And just like that, Deciem was created, inspired by the number 10, because he was told he couldn’t do ten things at once. The Ordinary is one of the (supposed) ten brands under Deciem, there are currently four other brands NIOD, Hylamide, Chemistry Brand, HIF, plus 3 Abnomaly, Loofah, Hippooh in the making. Truaxe dubbed his own company as the Abnormal Beauty Company. After his passing, Nicola Kilner (who was a co-founder) takes over.  

Simple History, Controversial Startup

Amidst all the controversy, the brand took off. Estee Lauder even bought 28% of the company, as reported on The recipe is simple. The Ordinary is exactly what it is, ordinary. It has a no-frills, no colour, minimalist aesthetic. It has a simple font. The name of the product is exactly what it is and what it contains. Because of the simplicity of it, they can sell most of their products for less than $10. In a New Yorker article, they even called The Ordinary’s secret to its sudden success as dirt cheap. 

Photo: The Ordinary Store New York

Million Dollar Worth

According to the  New York Times, Deciem was estimated to earn $300M for 2019 alone. With almost 800k followers on Instagram, around 600k likes on Facebook, and Deciem products available in at least 283 stores worldwide (online and brick-and-mortar stores). The world is consistently screaming for it to be stocked as it is out of stock most of the time, sometimes with a waiting list to boot.

Marketing is done inhouse and with utmost simplicity. They often appear on Reddit, interact with their clients, and publish wordy Instagram posts with satisfying explanations. And though all of The Ordinary products are vegan and cruelty-free, not all Deciem products are. It is indicated on the labels of each product. They are firm in saying that they don’t test on animals, which is why their products are not available in China (selling there requires animal testing). They have been keen on being transparent from day one and wants to have nothing to do with marketing hullabaloo. 

Shop Before It’s Out of Stock

You know that their products are in demand because buyers haul a lot of it – most people claim it works miracles on them and also because it’s so affordable. Their best-sellers are Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 for rehydration on multiple levels of the facial skin, Buffet for targeting multiple signs of ageing all at once, Niacinamide 10% + B5 for those who are prone to breakouts and have oily skin, and Squalane Cleanser for gentle cleansing and moisturizing skin at the same time. These products became available in bigger sizes to not only cope up with the demand but also to create lesser emissions.

The Daily Set, which consists of the Squalene Cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, and Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, is also a great way to get acquainted with the extraordinary brand, The Ordinary.

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