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The OOFOS Shoe Craze: The Chic Way to Recover in Comfort

Rest and recover and you’ll reap the rewards. Any athlete, personal trainer or physiotherapist will tell you; your workout is only half the challenge. Letting your body recover after being physically active is near as important as the workout itself. While there are many well known recovery options to get you back up to speed, one is always forgotten about – the footwear you choose. It’s likely why OOFOS may be the chicest, most comfortable shoes most people have never heard of. Until now. These luxe shoes provide a recovery technique that’s backed by science. It’s now time to recharge whilst staying fashionable. With active recovery benefits, OOFOS shoes will keep you looking sharp whilst shortening your recuperation time. The OOFOS shoe craze will have you recovering in style.

OOFOS Recovery Technology

The secret to the OOFOS recovery system is their unique, close-cell foam that they call Oofoam. The innovative technology absorbs more impact than traditional footwear, reducing pressure on your joints. The design creates a perfect blend of cushioning and stability to leave you feeling energised instead of fatigued or in pain.

OOFOS shoes are also special in other ways. Their patented OOFOS footbed supports your arches to reduce exertion on your ankles. The impact absorption not only minimises strain on your feet but lowers the impact throughout your whole body. They’re incredibly lightweight to ensure all exercise is easier and when you’re not exercising, OOFOS shoes allow your body to relax and recover. The best part? They look amazing in any occasion and add a touch of class to your outfit. The choice is which OOFOS product is for you?


OOFOS shoes are the most versatile of the OOFOS range. They have a selection of both men and women’s in a variety of styles and colours for all athletic endeavours.

OOFOS Men’s Shoes

For men, choose from the Men’s Oomg Eezee Low Shoe or the Men’s Oomg Eezee Mid Shoe. The sporty design is a take on the classic OOFOS shoe, made with a stretch woven canvas-like material, that looks smart and protects the entire foot.

OOFOS Women’s Shoes

The women’s range is a little more extensive. It’s your choice from 7 silhouettes each offering a different level of support for varying physical activities. The mesh options are made from a breathable 4-way stretch mesh fabric to add comfort and style to your everyday routine. For a more durable selection, the fibre options are made from OOFOS Fibreflex™ fabric which is tougher, yet has a more breathable feel that comfortably moulds to your foot.

OOFOS Thongs & Slides

The OOFOS thongs were actually introduced before their shoes. The OOriginal Sandal, laid the groundwork for all future styles and models. The first to incorporate their revolutionary OOfoam™ recovery technology, the thongs make a sleek companion designed for support and comfort.

OOFOS Men’s Thongs

For men, there’s a much broader selection of OOFOS thongs and slides than shoes. Stick with the original OOFOS sandal or shop around to upgrade your choice in various ways. Some OOFOS thongs offer a more comfortable and stylish fit. You’ll find others will give you a more versatility feel and a sportier finish with bold, hand-painted graphics.

OOFOS Women’s Thongs

With the women’s OOFOS thongs range, you’re spoilt for choice. The same OOriginal sandals are on show yet the collection also boasts a whole variety of vibrant colours and styles to let you personalise your footwear. Go all out with a brightly coloured thong with a double strap for extra support or play it safe with an authentic model. Get sporty with their range of ‘sport flex’ options available for those seeking something more agile.

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