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Pearls are experiencing a revival | Source: Jenna Clifford Twitter

The Pearl Revival: Ten Pearl Necklace Designs to Try Today

Pearls are back. From pearlescent nail designs to pearl-studded accessories, the natural gemstone is experiencing a revival in 2022.

While the timeless pearl is frequently worn on the red carpet, this year the gem will be weaving itself into everyday wear. Worn by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Zendaya and Harry Styles, the pearl is taking on a more youthful look thanks to its contemporary reinvention in jewellery. If you’re looking to dabble in the ‘pearlcore’ trend yourself, consider revisiting the gem in these fashion-forward necklace designs.

Contrasting the timeless glamour of pearls with a more modern and edgy look is one way of incorporating the gem into everyday wear. This necklace from Tiffany’s HardWear collection strikes the perfect balance with its bold sterling silver links and a classic string of freshwater pearls.

Tiffany & Co. Pearl necklace
Image: Freshwater Pearl Necklace in Sterling Silver, A$3,700 | Source: Tiffany & Co.

Minimalist Pendants

A flashy display of pearls isn’t for everyone. If you tend to keep your accessories simple, clean and minimal then a delicate chain and singular statement pearl is the perfect way to incorporate the gem into your personal style. This simple pearl pendant from Perth-based jewellers, Linneys, achieves this minimalist look while also showcasing the unique natural characteristics of the pearl.

Pearl pendant necklace
Image: Simple Pearl Pendant, A$500 | Source: Linneys

Organic Textures

By nature, pearls come in a range of lustres and sizes, meaning each and every pearl is beautifully unique. If unique jewellery, organic shapes and statement pendants are your style, then a necklace like this one might be for you. Set into a free-form design, this textural pendant showcases the Baroque shaped Australian South Sea Pearl in all its glory which is elevated by stunning brilliant cut diamonds set around the pearl.

Organic Linneys pearl pendant
Image: Hand Carved Pearl and Diamond Pendant, A$8,700 | Source: Linneys

Half and Half

Another accessory trend we’ve seen across our Instagram feeds is the half and half necklace design. Creating a stylish juxtaposition between two contrasting colours or materials, the half and half necklace is a great way of adding a fresh take on pearls into your look. This freshwater pearls and link chain design from Francesca gives you the best of both worlds.

Pearl and silver necklace
Image: Mae Pearl Necklace, A$149 | Source: Francesca

Charming Pendants

Along with pearls, whimsical beaded jewellery has also made a comeback with many of us gravitating towards nostalgia-giving fashion. If you look for playfulness or youthful charm pendants in your jewels, a charming pearl pendant like this one might be the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

Shore pearl pendant necklace
Image: Shore Pearl Necklace, A$189 | Source: Francesca

Dainty String of Pearls

A pearl necklace design that will never go out of style is the classic string of pearls; although, maybe dialling down the size of the pearls could make for a more timeless and versatile accessory. This tiny pearl necklace works well for layering or as a subtle pop of pearl.

Tiny pearl necklace
Image: Tiny Pearl Necklace, A$135 | Source: Mejuri

Pearl and Coin Charms

Offering a more boho-chic look is this pearl and coin charm-style necklace. This antique-style gold necklace makes for the perfect boho layering piece.

Coin and pearl charm necklace
Image: Pearl and Coin Charm Necklace in Gold Plated Sterling Silver, A$299 | Source: Wallace Bishop


Ideal for those who sport more contemporary style pieces, the T-Bar necklace marries perfectly with pearls, offering a modern and subtle styling of the gem. This sterling silver T-Bar necklace from Kailis features an Australian South Sea pearl.

pearl T-Bar necklace
Image: T-Bar Necklace, A$690 | Source: Kailis

Vintage Glamour

Looking to incorporate a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamour into your wardrobe? The vintage iteration of the classic string of pearls might be for you. This string of pearls from Diamonds and Pearls Perth features Akoya pearls and a simple silver clasp.

Akoya pearl strand necklace
Image: Akoya Pearls Strand 45CM, A$1,350 | Source: Diamonds and Pearls Perth

Pearl Choker

Another more contemporary take on the pearl necklace is the pearl choker. This Alighieri necklace takes a ‘modern heirloom’ look with its textured gold-plated charm and set of shining freshwater pearls.

Image: Alighieri La Calliope Gold-Plated Pearl Necklace, A$472.40 | Source: Net-A-Porter

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