The Perfect Scent for Winter: Amber Musk

Amber Musk Eau de Parfum by Aerin is a sophisticated scent musky scent, perfect for the cooler months and a true must-have for any perfume lover’s collection.

Amber Musk is a warm, inviting scent you want to wrap yourself in – like a soft cozy blanket on a cold snowy night.


With a long history of creating distinctive, gorgeous fragrances for women who want to smell elegant, classy and stylish, Estee Lauder branched out to form Aerin, a luxury lifestyle brand inspired by its founder, Aerin Lauder. Amber Musk Eau de Parfum stands out as a true star in the Aerin collection. Launched in 2013, this fragrance has received rave reviews as part of the exclusive Aerin catalogue and remains a strong favourite among many luxury perfume aficionados.

Photo: Photo: Founder & CEO of Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder

Amber Musk is a pretty blend of distinctive amber, clean white musk and fruity florals. The fragrance is warm and inviting, perfect for wrapping up warm and cozy in front of the fire – but its clean and sophisticated tone means it’s also perfect for office wear or evenings out. This is a creamy, velvety scent that is both comforting and sophisticated. Featuring a sensual blend of floral notes, creamy musk and intoxicating amber and infused with a hint of delicate rose petals, this exclusive fragrance is a sweet and clean scent.

Photo: Amber Musk Parum Source: Pearsons
Photo: Photo: Photo: Founder & CEO of Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder Source: Chris Paty

A gorgeous note combination makes Amber Musk Eau de Parfum an essential choice within the luxury fragrance space. The subtlety of the scent is evident in the well-balanced formula blending oriental florals and tropical sweet coconut with vanilla amber on sweet white musk which adds a lovely warmth to the pleasant scent. The notes of ambrox and benzoin come through beautifully, and a lovely sandalwood accord, as well as the faintest hint of Yasmine and lavender, is detectable. Amber Musk features a beautiful blend of fresh and spicy citrus, rose and white florals combined with relaxing coconut which makes it creamy, sweet and luxurious.

Photo: Photo: Founder & CEO of Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder

Like many of the other rose perfumes in the Aerin collection, there’s a lovely bergamot and citrus component that gives Amber Musk a light and airy feel. It’s a soft, sheer scent that will be ideal for autumn and winter but also be suited for the summer and spring due to its versatile and delicate scent. This warm, long-lasting fragrance is great for layering. The scents of vanilla and amber shine through first in this formula with hints of fresh sweet rose, and over time the scent transforms to an intoxicating creamy coconut-inspired musky fragrance.

Unlike some amber perfumes which can be overpowering, Amber Musk Eau de Parfum is a subtle and sophisticated fragrance. Aerin has utilised the warm, oriental vanilla-labdanum accord of amber well, concocting the perfect blend with sweetened white musk and creamy steamed milk, complemented with the light florals tones of soft pale rose and a hint of wood notes.

A subtle and delicate fragrance for modern women who appreciate a touch of luxury when it comes to their perfume, Amber Musk Eau de Parfum is the ideal choice for a lovely, feminine fragrance. If you’re looking for a lovely signature scent with a luxurious presence, this exclusive fragrance from Aerin is a must-have.

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