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The Renaissance of the Wall Clock: 10 Masterpiece Clocks For Your Home

While smartphones have considerably reduced our reliance on the traditional wall clock, we still admire the way they bring an element of functionality into home decor. Now that we don’t fundamentally depend on the wall clock to tell the time, designers have more of a creative licence to play with styles and designs that may not be the most practical for timekeeping but certainly look great on our walls. Whatever your decor style may be, we have put together a list of our favourite designer wall clocks for your home.

Stingray Wall Clock

This statement clock will fit perfectly into any mid-century modern styled home. With its retro design, the wall clock features a modern dot dial face, metal hands and a lovely silent sweep movement.

Amara A$130

Menu Marble Wall Clock

This minimalistic wall clock stuns with its natural marble design and muted ocean tones. Designed by Copenhagen studio, Norm Architects, the clock takes a warm approach to the clean simplicity of the classic Scandinavian interior style.

Image: $600.00 | Valise

Jackson Clock

If farmhouse chic is your favoured interior style then this gorgeous wall clock is made for you. With a large timber face and etched roman numerals, the clock works as a rustic statement piece in your living room or farmhouse style kitchen.

Image: $229.00 | Freedom

Two-Tone Wall Clock

This cool double toned wall clock plays with colour in a refreshing way. Featuring two powder-coated aluminium plates, the clock can be rotated around the mechanism’s axis to create different visual effects. With the availability of different sizes, you can choose the size that suits you best.

Image: $299.00 | Gingerfinch

White & Gold Gear Metal

Blending elements of contemporary, luxe and industrial interior styles, this clock’s dramatic white and gold tones will bring an element of glamour into your home. We think this clock would look stunning against a dark feature wall.

Image: $289.00 | Temple and Webster

Modern Metal Hollow-out

This modern take on the antique grandfather clock mixes contemporary designs with antique features. Ideal for hanging in a hallway or living room, the clock features a striking rhinestone dial, solid wood texture and a hollow-out metal frame.

Image: $370.00 | Homary

La Stanza Dello Scirocco

This modern geometric clock is designed by Sicilian architect Mario Trimarchi. Inspired by his childhood in Sicily, the Alessi clock resembles the La Stanza dello Scirocco, a place in Sicily where people take shelter from the wind.

Royal Design A$240

Henning Koppel

You really can’t go wrong with a Georg Jenson clock. Classy, smart and minimalist, the Henning Koppel design is a reworking of a 1978 wall clock. With an alluringly deep navy blue case, the clock is perfect for a home office, kitchen or study.

Image: $330.00 | Henning Koppel clock

Melodies In Motion Clock

This whimsical clock not only features an intricate design but also plays melodies on the hour. With over 30 melodies available, the hour dial opens and rotates between the music. If you don’t feel like listening to the melodies all day long, the clock also features a volume control and light sensor that disengages the melodies when it’s dark.

Image: $599.00 | Seiko Clocks

Suffolk Moving Cogs Metal

This faux vintage clock will bring an element of Paris into any home. The stylish French provincial design is emphasised by the clock’s exposed centre and mirrored face that beautifully opens onto a pretty antique 12 clog mechanism.

Image: $875.00 | Oh Clocks

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