The Return of The French Tip Nail and How To Pull It Off in 2021

The 2000s are back and so is the french tip. Accompanied by scarf tops, kitten heels, Baguette bags, and tiny purses, the french manicure is one of the many early 2000’s trends making a comeback. The classic nail style is defined by a white strip of polish across the nails tip, and initially gained popularity for its the ability to make your nails look longer than they actually are. While the simple design is more flattering than other nail styles, the French tip fell out of fashion in favour of bolder and more artistic styles.

But now, french nails are back with celebrities like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez flaunting an array of fresh takes on the classic nail style. These are some of our favourite styles to try.

Double french tip

Also known as the outline tip, the double french tip nail is created by carefully painting a second line underneath your painted section of the nail. You can choose to leave a small space between the two lines or paint the second line in a different colour to distinguish the two sections of nail art. This design retains the simplicity of the traditional french manicure and offers a cool, accented version of the minimalist style.

Coloured french tips

This pretty take on french tip nails is quickly gaining popularity. If you’re one to steer away from the intensity of bright and bold nail colours then the coloured french tip may change your mind. Only painted along the tip of the nail, the colour is less overwhelming than it might be when painted across the entire nail. Make a statement with bright tips or go with pastel colours for a more subtle design.

Slanted french tip

Slanted or angled french tip nails keeps a traditional french manicure interesting by alternating the angle of the painted line. New York City based manicurist Mei Kawajiri played with angles on Bella Hadid’s french manicure with its “V” shaped white tips. This design is easy to merge with a pop of colour or pretty pattern for a more dramatic statement effect.

French tip with a flipside

Created by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik and modelled on Selena Gomez, a french tip nail with a flipside involves painting a classic french tip on the top of the nail and coating the underside of the nails with another colour. This bolder design allows for a little more artistic experimentation than the classic french manicure.

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