The Seven Best Online Jewellery Stores in Australia

“Wear a fabulous smile, great jewellery and know you are totally and utterly in control.”

Dontella Versace

Samantha Wills is the founder of Australia’s best-known accessories brand, Samantha Wills. She is a modern entrepreneur, writer and speaker.

With over 15 years of experience, you can’t go wrong with Samantha Wills accessories. Her stunning pieces are always in fashion, good quality and of course compliment any outfit.

Samantha Wills

Source: Samantha Wills


Francesca is the on-trend designer jewellery label by sister Hannah and Rachel Vasicek. The brand was first established at Tasmania’s famous Salamanca Markets and has grown to be a much-loved Australian brand. Founded on the belief that success means nothing unless you’re giving back, Francesca combines beautiful design with an empowering purpose.

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Source: Francesca

Sarah and Sebastian

Sarah and Sebastian is an Australian luxe jeweller. The brand was created by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. The pair met travelling and are from the opposite side of the globe, Germany and Australia. Sarah’s love for the ocean is a dominant inspiration for her designs. This store is not only for women but men too.

Source: Sarah and Sebastian

Natalie Marie

Natalie Marie Jewellery is for those that have a soft spot for smaller, finer pieces of jewellery. Natalie creates each piece by hand in her Sydney studio. The collection has precious metals and semi-precious stones and there is always a unique elegance to each of her designs. This jewellery is perfect for day wear.

Source: Natalie Marie

Lucy Folk

Founder and Creative Director, Lucy Folk has made a name for herself with designs that are distinctly colourful, electric and sophisticated. The Melbourne based brand is inspired by travel, cruise, art, wellbeing and endless summer. It represents a nomadic lifestyle. Lucy’s pieces are perfect if you are after something different and quirky for your next outfit.

Source: Lucy Folk

Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice has been waving the Aussie flag around the globe since 2009. She has always been infatuated with colour as it signals and transforms emotions and carries meaning. Working with enamel and copper, Melanie creates a range of jewellery that includes necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings. Her designs are made to transform outfits and are the go-to accessories that you will be wearing for years.

Source: Melanie Rice

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldrige is an English beauty guru, with a makeup and jewellery line. She has been obsessed with gemstones ever since she was little- which is the inspiration for her collection.

Lisa decided to turn her hobby into something more and with the help of her friend William, she created these beautiful, handcrafted pieces. All her pieces are named after her dear friends, muses and inspirations. Major A-listers have seen spotting these go to masterpieces. If you are looking for an elegant piece, then definitely check out Lisa’s designs.

Source: Lisa Eldridge

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