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The Statement Jewel: How to Wear Lapel Pins For Every Occasion

Traditionally worn with suit jackets, lapel pins are small pins attached to the left lapels of a jacket. The statement jewel has a history of speaking its mind. While some people only choose to wear lapel pins for formal events, the small accessory is making its way to the wardrobes of the office and casual attire. This is because a lapel pin can send a clear message about the wearer. Whether you’re wearing a pin to demonstrate your political affiliations, charity support or simply add some individuality or elegance to your outfit, there’s a pin for almost every style and event. Let’s take you through some of the most common lapel pin styles and where to wear them.

Lapel pins for weddings

Weddings are a common event that’s suitable to wear a lapel pin. Adding a little extra elegance, a lapel pin can be worn by the groom, groomsmen or wedding guests. If you’re the groom or one of the groomsmen then you are likely going to be wearing a boutonniere lapel pin. A boutonniere is a live floral arrangement that is pinned to the lapel buttonhole.

If you’re attending the wedding as a wedding guest then it’s more appropriate to wear a subtler lapel pin to ensure that you don’t take attention from the bridal party. In this case, you can wear a floral lapel pin made of silk, satin, linen or cotton, or a metal lapel pin with a classic floral motif. This will ensure that you’re dressed formally.

Lapel pins for the races

The races are another event where it’s common to wear a lapel pin. Unlike a wedding, the races are a great place to play with creative and eye-catching styles. Many people choose to wear a floral lapel pin to the races for their variety of colours, textures and patterns. However, the races are also a great place to wear a unique metal pin with an interesting or vintage motif. For example, we love this Dolce and Gabbana metal lapel pin with gemstone and rhinestone detailing.  

Verdura coloured stone and gold Ravenna Byzantine pendant brooch, A$74,724.00
Chanel Metal, Resin & Diamant├ęsGold, Pearly White & Crystal A$1,000.00
J’ADIOR BARRETTE Dior label pin A$880.00

Lapel pins for a work

If you work in a corporate setting and get bored by wearing the same suit every day then you might consider adding a lapel pin to your suit. For corporate settings, metal lapel pins are your best bet as they allow you to add a little character and individuality to your suit without looking over the top. We recommend going with a small and subtle motif to ensure that you remain as professional as possible.

Image: Bouton de Camelia Pin A$24,950.00
Dolce and Gabbana lapel pin with gemstone and rhinestone detailing A$995.00

Lapel pins for women

While there’s nothing stopping you from choosing a more masculine style of lapel pin, there are also some distinctly feminine pins available to purchase. With female lapel pins, women have a little more room to be creative. From vintage brooches pinned onto your favourite blazer or more subtle pins attached to a collared shirt, there’s a lot of room to play with styles and find your own unique look.

YSL logo brooch Far Fetch A$730.00
Les Nereides Miraculous Harvest Brooch A$269.00
Fendi black metal brooch A$420.00
Balenciaga BB brooch A$650.00
Gucci Metal Double G brooch with crystals A$460.00

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