Some concierge companies specialise in real estate to give you access to unlisted properties.

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Concierge Services

If you’ve ever wished for more hours in the day, chances are you need a concierge. Understanding that time is a precious resource, a personal concierge takes on those time consuming daily tasks to give you more time to do the things that matter. From scheduling appointments, helping you relocate, updating your filing system or walking your dog, a personal concierge is a must for the upper echelons of society.

Types of concierge services

Translating from French to ‘gate keeper’ or ‘keeper of the keys’, a concierge is no longer limited to offering you travel advice in your hotel. Today, concierges can assist you with almost anything in your home or office and concierge businesses frequently provide both personal and business concierge services. Adding immeasurable value to your life by granting back some of your much-needed time, the concept of a concierge is certainly an attractive one for those with a busy schedule.

Whether you need regular or on-call support, you’ll often find the following types of concierge services:

Personal concierge

A personal concierge can range from appointment setting, private travel and transport, assistance with emergency situations like divorce or hospital visits, and new parent support.

Image: Some concierge companies specialise in real estate to give you access to unlisted properties.

Business concierge

A business concierge can include vendor selection, streamlining filing systems, running errands and research.

Access unlisted private jets on a discount via your concierge.

Household Services

A household concierge covers home maintenance tasks, organising areas of the home like your kitchen cupboards or wardrobe and pet services.

A high-end concierge can request a private yacht to be chartered for you over the weekend.

Project Management

A project management concierge offers assistance with building and renovating, organising and supervising trades and services, assisting with relocation, and planning and delivering special events.

The luxury difference

As you would expect, a concierge’s role requires a wide skill set and when it comes to choosing a concierge you want someone who will seamlessly fit into your life and complete tasks to a high standard. For that reason, a luxury concierge service can make all the difference.

Offering both highly skilled concierges as well as an extensive network across industries, established luxury concierge services can connect you with the best services and experiences to add value to your life. For some luxury concierge services, no order is too tall for them to fill.

One such concierge company that is catered towards members with high expectations is Quintessentially. Delivering a members-only global luxury concierge and lifestyle management service, Quintessentially is a great option for those looking for top-notch assistance for all things lifestyle and travel thanks to their 18 years of global knowledge and expertise.

According to Luxe Digital, Quintessentially’s networks are so strong they have even closed the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a member’s wedding proposal.

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