The Wine Industry is Thirsty for Innovation – These are Our Top Picks

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“If it takes more than three seconds to describe the beer I’m drinking, you’ve really defeated the purpose. I feel the same about wine. I don’t need to know what side of the hill it’s grown on. The older I get, the more rough and rustic I’m enjoying my wines.”

Anthony Bourdain

The wine industry has solid competition and rising as a true competitor either calls for some seriously tasty product or an innovative way to sell it. If you can’t back up the brand with flavour — you’ve got trouble.

Australia’s wine exports made almost $3 billion over the past financial year. According to our overseas friends, wine drinkers in America and China love our product.

In fact, earnings from wine exports went up for Australia, but volume went down. Meaning more expensive wine was going out, and supplies are tight.

So here are the top three brands you need to try if you ever get the chance.

3 — Penfolds Bin 620 Cabernet, Coonawarra region, 2006

Image sourced from Penfolds

It would be best to start this list off with a choice that is not too threatening, but still a luxury — as this choice is technically off the market.

This limited edition choice did cost roughly $1000 at the time to nab but is rare to come by. This bottle of 2008 flavour paid homage to a 1966 selection from the winemaker.

The wine was barrel fermented and then basket drained through French and American oak. A word commonly used to describe this bottle is abalance — it’s not too unbecoming.

Flavours to expect from this selection, if you get the chance, are deep, rich, and aromatic mix of blue and black fruits.

2 — Chris Ringland Shiraz, Eden Valley, 2009

CHRIS RINGLAND Dry Grown Barossa Ranges Shiraz, Barossa 2009
Image sourced from Langton’s

This shiraz from the Eden Valley by Chris Ringland comes in a range of years, but we are in the midst of a great drinking period for its options in the 2009 range.

This choice in a 750ml bottle will cost you roughly $800.

Your palette will detect flavours closer to blackberries and hints of very subdued chocolate.

This wine is rich but maintains a very fresh aftertaste. It doesn’t go down as heavy as other wines that taste this rich — putting it head and shoulder above them.

From a dry grown vineyard, these wines are produced through a traditional basket press. This is a reasonably priced wine that could be one of your first tastes of luxury excellence.

1 — Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny Port, Barossa Valley (varied years)

Image sourced from Social Vignerons

This is the Tawny Port bottle from Seppeltsfield Para Vintage. It hails from the Barossa Valley region outside of Adelaide. Prices on this product can actually range from anywhere as low as $600 to highs of $6370 for 750ml.

Why? Because some bottles can date as far back as 1879.

The wine is fortified with brandy spirit and kept in old oak barrels where it rests in a vintage cellar. Usually, the wine is sold in 100ml flasks, but get ready to pay up a hefty fee either way.

Your first taste, and hopefully not the last, of this selection is truly one to remember for years.

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