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The Yamaha WaveRunner Jet Ski: A Must Have This Summer

There’s nothing quite like the experience a jet ski provides. Being out on the open water, fresh air in your face, riding around with your friends and family. To get that ultimate experience you need an ultimate jet ski. Yamaha’s new 2021 WaveRunner range provides them, and for all jet ski riders. Whether you want to go fast, cruise in comfort, explore your local waterway or tow the kids behind you, Yamaha’s award-winning range has the jet ski for you. Designed and manufactured in Japan, their purpose-built marine engines are the leaders in innovation, quality and excellence.

Yamaha WaveRunners are the ultimate in jet ski performance; now you can enjoy endless on-water fun, luxury and adventure. Here’s a look at the best Yamaha jet skis in the new range so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Yamaha WaveRunner FX CRUISER SVHO

The ultimate luxury performance. If you’re looking to cruise the waterways in comfort and style, Yamaha’s 2021 FX Cruiser SVHO is built for luxury and performance. This jet ski is lightweight, agile and highly responsive giving you all-around travelling control. The cruiser includes an innovative 4.3-inch colour LCD touch screen with customisable options and a multi-mount system for your phone or camera. This is the jet ski for the best, luxury on-water experience.

Key Features

  • Connext Touchscreen – Screen customisation at your fingertips
  • Multi-mount System – Easy attachment of your tech gadgets such as phone, speaker, GPS or fish finding devices
  • Cruise Assist – Set a constant speed and improve fuel efficiency to make your longer trips more comfortable

Yamaha WaveRunner VX LIMITED HO

Comfortable and versatile this Yamaha WaveRunner offers class-leading performance and the same industry-first features found on the FX series. The Yamaha VX Series is renowned for being the best-selling personal watercraft and the VX Limited HO is the latest in the range. The reliable 1.8-litre marine engine gives you power and speed whilst the large seat provides riding comfort for up to three people. You also get Yamaha’s first-ever fully integrated, marine-grade audio system, great storage space for all your gear and a glove box with charging ports and LED lighting. If you want the best in mid-sized personal watercraft, this is the Yamaha jet ski for you.

Key Features

  • Built-in Speakers – Twin, 4.5 inch waterproof speakers, 2 channel amplifier, control pad and low-voltage regulator
  • Theatre-style Cruiser Seat – Luxury seat designed for your comfort on all-day rides for three people
  • Spacious Glove Box – You get 16.5L of storage space with USB and 12V power outlets and LED lighting

Yamaha WaveRunner GP1800R SVHO

This jet ski is race-ready, built for high-speed performance. If you want to go fast, the world’s most successful race ski is for you. Experience new levels of handling and performance with the cornering control and launch control systems for racers and recreational riders alike. You’ll get Yamaha’s latest performance technology; tilt-adjustable handlebars, new intake grate and jet pump and slimmer seat profile. This all makes for a jet ski with enhanced acceleration and improved rider ergonomics. If you want to enjoy the real thrill a world number 1 race ski can provide, this Yamaha WaveRunner a must-have.

Key Features

  • New Launch & Cornering Control – You get a tighter racy feel in the corners and enhanced acceleration
  • Ultra-Lightweight Nanoxcel2 – The new hull gives you improvements in speed, comfort, fuel economy and handling
  • Ride Dual Control System – World’s first dual throttle handlebar makes your handling easy, fun and intuitive

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