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The Best Superyacht Destinations to Visit In Summer

Discover the hidden anchorages known only to luxury yacht captains or the restaurants favoured by superyacht owners and get exclusive expert tips on the world’s best luxury yachting destinations.

Kastellorizo, Greece

It’s one of the most pristine and attractive superyacht destinations on the entire globe. Of course, it’s located in the land of clarity and pristine – Greece. The island is adjacent to the Turkish coast. Kastelorizo hosts a vast amount of tourists every summer and gathers a huge super-yacht crowd. Some of the most beautiful and luxurious super and megayachts can be found in Kastelorizo. It’s undoubtedly an island where you can fully relax and contemplate nature.

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Stockholm Islands, Sweden

If you are looking for an opulent spot for the evening and all-day-long vacation vibe, you can’t go wrong by heading to the Stockholm Archipelago. First off, it’s one of the most alluring superyacht destinations you can explore and will undoubtedly leave you with a jaw-dropping experience once you tour around. Filled with beautiful pristine beaches and endless coastlines of clear waters, this is a must-visit spot this summer. In the morning, you can head to some of the thousand islands and participate in activities such as dingy races, angling competitions followed by lunch by the water.

Source: Vouge

Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

The seafront promenade is where you will want to head for the best of the culinary experience. Bodrum Peninsula is excellent for those who are interested in entertaining-related activities. The high season here, however, isn’t during the hottest months, but in the cooler months like autumn. This destination represents the perfect escape from the everyday hustle and work. A must add to your bucket list.


Calauit Island, Philippines

If you are interested in multiple animal species and beautiful nature, then you can’t go wrong with Calauit Island, located in the Philippines. It boasts a picturesque landscape and will keep you entertained due to the vast amount of animal species you can examine. Native animals, along with African species are the most common ones in Calauit Islands’ private zoo. A private safari is likewise available so you can tour the local attractive places.

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