They've Got It All, Down At The am Graben

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You’ve probably heard about Julius Meinl because of its world-renowned coffee, and that they will offer you one in exchange for a poem. It was in 2015 that they launched Pay with a Poem, which is getting a cup of coffee in exchange for a poem that you wrote on World Poetry Day. 

But Julius Meinl is so much more than coffee. The company started as a spice shop in 1862, selling green coffee beans, cocoa, tea, spices, rice and sugar. And if you’ve ever been to their home city in Vienna, you’ll find that Julius Meinl is a household name. At the am Graben 19, they have a restaurant, a cafe, a wine bar, a sushi bar, a to go, and catering services, not to mention a gourmet shop (which has a corresponding online store) all in one building. One place. Impossible? Not when you’re Julius Meinl. 

Meinls Restaurant

To say that this place is an institution is an understatement. Since the day it opened in 1999, it has been consistently in the top five of the best culinary stops in Austria. Aside from being multi-awarded, you’d also have the best view of Vienna from their tables. 

Photo: Meinls Restaurant

Though their daily menu can vary, they serve breakfast, business lunch, dinner with a separate menu for dessert and wine, and an a la carte menu as well. And if you’re a wine lover, they have more than 750 different kinds of wine, and if that’s not overwhelmingly awesome, we don’t know what else is. 

Photo: Meinls Restaurant

An example of a 3-course menu includes lukewarm salad from oxheart carrot, fried pike perch, medium fried venison tenderloin, and Valrhona chocolate tart for dessert. And of course, you get to choose cheese from their platter. All for just over $80 euros per person.  What’s their secret formula for success? Two things. One is that they choose exceptional ingredients (which is also from their own stock), and secondly, their service is phenomenal. 

Meinls Sushi Bar

Yes, at the heart of Vienna is a Japanese specialty restaurant, operating in partnership with Yohm (contemporary Asian restaurant). Aside from maki and sushi, they also offer miso soup, sashimi, caviar, oysters, original Japanese sake and fabulous green teas. All of the fish and seafood used are fresh from their deli. It doesn’t really get any better than that. But wait, they also offer to cook from the deli, if you find any seafood that you would like them to cook, they can do it.

Photo: Meinls Sushi bar

Meinl To Go

Possibly a version of fast food but using slow food, “As quick as a w├╝rstelstand, as fresh as a restaurant,” is their motto. They offer everything from snacks to pasta dishes, literally any dish, snack and gourmet food that you can think of. They also have a bread and finger food list included in their lunch menu. 

Photo: Meinl Gourmet Cheese Selection


If you have time in your hands to either browse their gourmet shop online or go down to am Graben to see what goodies they offer, then by all means, please do. They have everything from gift hampers to fruits and vegetables, cold cuts to jam and honey. And they scour the world for the best. 

Photo: Meinl Gourmet Chocolate Selection

They say it’s a difficult feat to offer a lot of things all at once because you might be biting off more than you can chew, but not Julius Meinl. They have a great history and success portfolio, plus they know how to make it worth your while. 

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