Triple Michelin star restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France | Source: Mirazur

Gourmet Guide: The Finest Three Michelin Star Restaurants in France

When it comes to fine-dining cuisine there’s no standard higher than the Michelin star. Awarded for gastronomic excellence, only the finest world-class restaurants achieve the esteemed success of a Michelin star and even fewer accrue multiple stars.

And when you think of culinary hotspots around the world, none command as much influence as France. The literal home of the Michelin Guide, much of France’s cultural identity is built on fine food, wonderful wine and decadent dining. So with the Michelin Guide France 2022 revealed at a live awards ceremony in March, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the finest triple Michelin star restaurants in France.

Arpège, Paris

In the culinary capital of the world, Paris, this famous Alain Passard restaurant boasts three Michelin stars which it held onto since 1996. Arpège is known for its creative menu that is very plant-centric with vegetables sourced from Passard’s own vegetable gardens located around France. Delivering signature dishes such as the l’arpège egg, a hot-cold, hard-soft boiled amuse bouche, many are now fine-dining staples around the world.

Arpège dish
Source: Michelin Guide

Le Petit Nice, Marseille

Le Petit Nice first reached three Michelin star status in 2008 with Chef Gérald Passedat creating cuisine heavily influenced on the sea, the local port and travel saying “my garden is the Mediterranean.” Enjoy a menu that celebrates the Mediterranean’s animal species, where you’ll find modern interpretations of classic bouillabaisse, anemone fritters, seafood carpaccio and sea bass.

Source: Michelin Guide

Maison Lameloise, Chagny

Steeped in Michelin history, restaurant Maison Lameloise in the small commune of Chagny in eastern France, appeared in Michelin’s very first guide in 1900 earning its first star in 1926. More recently it’s gone on to boast a three-star streak between 1979 and 2004, and again from 2007 retaining a constant three star presence ever since. Head chef Éric Pras creates subtle dishes that revisit the classic staples that first put this illustrious establishment on the culinary world map.

Source: Michelin Guide

La Vague d’Or, Saint-Tropez

Situated in the famous town of Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, La Vague d’Or is a stunning triple Michelin star restaurant delivering dishes from the land and sea. Run by French chef Arnaud Donckele, the restaurant offers three tasting menus, including the seven-course “Balade Epicurienne,” and two à la carte menus; one inspired by land and one inspired by the sea.

La Vague d’Or
La Vague d’Or fine dining
La Vague d’Or dish
Source: Michelin Guide

Régis et Jacques Marcon, Saint Bonnet le Froid

Situated in the Saint Bonnet le Froid commune in south-central France, this restaurant is named for father-son duo Régis and Jacques Marcon. Régis earned his first Michelin star in 1990, his second in 1997, his third in 2005 and with his son Jacques joining the family restaurant in 2004, they haven’t lost a star since.

The cuisine is an elegant ode to mother nature, offering a seasonal taste of the France’s Haute-Loire region including local reared meat, wild vegetables, regional cheese, river fish and hand-picked mushrooms. Inside, a minimalist decor is framed by panoramic views over the Valleys of Ardèche and Mont du Velay.

Régis et Jacques Marcon
Régis et Jacques Marcon food
Source: Michelin Guide

Maison Pic, Valence

With a long Michelin star history, Andre Pic opened the eponymous restaurant in Valence in 1935 and earned three Michelin stars by 1939. Stars were lost and regained over the subsequent years and in 2007 the restaurant was brought back to three Michelin star glory under Andre’s granddaughter Anne-Sophie Pic.

She is the only female chef in France to hold three Michelin stars and currently holds nine Michelin stars across five restaurants. Pic describes the cuisine as simple, sophisticated and pointedly feminine with a menu featuring impeccable, contemporary-style dishes served with great attention to detail.

Maison Pic
Maison Pic food
Maison Pic dessert
Source: Michelin Guide

Mirazur, Menton

The lauded hillside restaurant was named the best restaurant in the world in 2019 offering a refined ambiance and sea views over the Mediterranean. Opened by Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco in 2006, Mirazur was awarded a Michelin star within a year, followed by a second star in 2012. A third star was gifted in 2019 making Colagreco the first chef not born in France to be awarded three Michelin stars. The cuisine is based on lunar cycles expressing a daily ode to aromatic plants, flowers, vegetables and citrus fruits.

Mirazur food
Mirazur dish
Source: Michelin Guide

Assiette Champenoise, Tinqueux

Head chef Arnaud Lallement has injected his personality into this smart, modern restaurant which received its second Michelin star in 2005 and its third in 2014. Lallement’s creative cuisine is elegantly subtle, blending flavours of the high quality produce on a menu that boasts classic dishes. The restaurant also promotes Champagne from the region with more than a thousand Champagnes in the cellar to choose from.


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